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  1. FlexiPro 7.6 Using a Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter Need Help plotting please.

    had the same problem GX-24 not in production manager and it got to hard so i followed the driver install that came with the GX-24 and used the cx - 24 thats in prod mang and it seems to work fine but you must follow the directions with your install . the only function the will not work is the...
  2. Gx-24 not in flexisign production manager

    Thanks for your help and info i will try the upgrade and see what happens. thanks again but not sure if i have all the details to register thanks
  3. Gx-24 not in flexisign production manager

    I have the driver supplied with the cutter GX-24 but it is not in production manager it is flexisign 7.5 v2 i am running the cutter using CX-24 model in pm works fine except when using the poll function (get size from cutter).
  4. Gx-24 not in flexisign production manager

    Could anyone help with getting roland model GX-24 onto the model list in production manager in flexisign 7.5.
  5. flexisign not listing model GX-24

    Could anyone help with getting Roland model GX-24 on to the list of models in production manager as it is not on the list of models.