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  1. Source for Roland Parts

    I finally ordered the parts I need. How can I tell which side should be facing to the outside for the outside rollers?
  2. Source for Roland Parts

    Thank you all for the sources! =)
  3. Source for Roland Parts

    Haven't posted here for a long while (years really), glad to see the forum is still on the up and up. Onto my bottomfeeding. I need to start replacing parts on my SC545EX can anyone recommend a trusty worthy source? I see a bunch of random parts on ebay and alibaba, but I'd rather not...
  4. why there is no flash on iphone or ipad

    It'd be better if he just said "we can make more money without flash on our devices, than with it". That's the real reason for the shunning apple is doing.
  5. Profiling...Been At this for a year, no luck

    Regarding the profiling process inside of rips: Most rips allow you to create the printing profile for you inkset, they do not however create the ICC profile for your inkset. It's a distinction that should be made. Your ICC profile contains the color space information of the profile...
  6. This is just Crazy.

    All three of those pictures are photoshopped. -_-
  7. rgb...cmyk....so cornfused!...ugg

    I don't let any of my programs do auto conversion of color spaces, I set them to respect embedded profiles, if none available then it asks. Working CMYK is the "default" color space that the CS suit assumes you want to use. I believe default CMYK is US Swap 2. If you open a CMYK file...
  8. rgb...cmyk....so cornfused!...ugg

    Time and time again bob has proven he doesn't understand color spaces. Bob, you're confusing translation with conversion. When a CMYK file is read in an RGB device the color information is translated for display. The color data is never converted unless you specifically change color spaces...
  9. rgb...cmyk....so cornfused!...ugg

    You're implying multiple color shifts that do not happen. There will be only one color shift only if you change color spaces, not if you are only displaying/open/saving files. Simply displaying a CMYK file inside of an RGB device will result in zero actual color shift.
  10. Double Sided Banners Stiacking to Roll?

    How big are the banners? We put low tack transfer tape on smaller banners when printing double sided.
  11. Blurry prints

    That's called the inkjet grain. Don't think you're gonna eliminate that on an SP300
  12. is there a bitmap doctor in the house?

    It's nothing more than shapes with bevels, pattern and gradient overlays, shouldn't take more than 30 mins to put together.
  13. Partial Wrap for HVAC company-

    Probably full wrap as well. Printing and cutting the guy would lead to two panels, so might as well avoid the lining up headaches with the rest of the vinyl
  14. Partial Wrap for HVAC company-

    What's the planned setup for the partial? Print cut, or wrapping with white background up to front doors..or?
  15. bubbles form on laminate film days later

    I don't see a mention of the vinyl used.
  16. Fish Tacos Logo

    Turn all those 90 degrees counterclockwise and you have a face with it's mouth open. -_-
  17. Logo Design - Firearms related

    You now see a decepticon in the logo. It can't be unseen.
  18. i am definately losing it.

    Do a search for *.eps for files created that day on your entire computer, should be able to track it down fairly easy then. I created a "throwaway temp" folder that I clear out every two or three months. Just little things that don't matter, but it'd be nice to have them "just in case".
  19. Mounting prints that are larger than substrate, Best method?

    Like isign mentioned, trim it down to only 1/2" or 1" bleed. It's actually easier to align this way. We actually only leave bleed on two sides, and then force align the two sides with no bleed, you'll get less issues with skewing.
  20. Versaworks 4.0

    Does anyone know if that PerfCut feature is printer specific?