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  1. Cutter Making 2 Passes

    That did it Fitch. Thank you.
  2. Cutter Making 2 Passes

    Maybe, but before I inline it, the blade only makes one pass.
  3. Cutter Making 2 Passes

    I have a Graphtec CE-3000-60 cutter and ProDesign software that I use to make RC car masks for myself and my friends. I believe ProDesign is someone's in house version of Flexi. Here's what I did: Grabbed a flame from my Mr Clip Art disc, sized it and inlined it to make a thin border around...
  4. Double cuts

    Thanks Fred.
  5. Double cuts

    I have a Graphtec CE3000-60 cutter and I use Pro Design software, which is somebody's private label version of Flexi Sign. I'm cutting small flames with inlines for rc cars. What's happening is that after the original flame and then the inline are cut, it starts over and re-cuts over the...
  6. ProDesign Software Issue

    I guess I have whatever SP2 installed.
  7. ProDesign Software Issue

    I'm using a program called Pro DeSign, which is somebody's in-house version of Flexi. I have Level 3 if that's important. I've been using it on an XP equipped computer without problems. Over the weekend I installed SP2 and when I try to send a job to the Production Manager I get an error saying...
  8. Font from Pinks

    Thanks Rick, that just might be it. I saw that's an Adobe font. I've only purchased, installed and used True Type fonts. Is thee a difference?
  9. Font from Pinks

    I saw an episode of Pinks on Speed TV over the weekend. One of the racers was named Meagan Brown I think. Did anyone see it and recognize the font her name was in? Thanks.
  10. Which Publications?

    Thanks for the replies.
  11. File Problem

    Thanks Fred. I guess I should have made myself clearer. What I'm trying to do is to make a vector image from a photograph so I can cut a paint mask for my radio controlled race car. The bodies are clear lexan and are painted from the inside.
  12. File Problem

    Thank you for the replies. My interpretation of what you're telling me is that the photo won't autotrace because it's made up of colors other than black and white and to make it autotrace correctly I need to do away with the colors other than black and white using posterization? I can't find...
  13. File Problem

    The jpeg will open but for some reason I can't vecorize it. When I checked the supported file formats jpeg wasn't listed so I figured that was why I couldn't vectorize it.
  14. File Problem

    I'm using a program called Pro DeSign, which is somebody's in-house version of Flexi. I have Level 3 if that's important. The manual says the EPS format is supported. I took a photo and had one of my friends convert the jpeg file to an EPS file using Paint Shop Pro. When I try to open the...
  15. Which Publications?

    Which publication(s) would you say a newbie could benefit from the most? Thanks.
  16. Any idea what this is?

    Anybody know the font CHARGER is printed in? Thanks. Mark
  17. Outline clean-up

    Thanks Brian.
  18. Outline clean-up

    Thanks Guys. Fred - that was just what I needed, a picture.
  19. Outline clean-up

    Thanks Fred - It's ProDesign level 3 and I did get it from your Merchent Member - Ordway Sign. I'm a real newbie here so can you tell me exactly what the tool you're referring to is called and I'll see if I can find it in the manual. I'm afraid I don't know enough yet to be able to find it...