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  1. Gerber CAT UV Flatbed

    Does anybody know a company or a Tech that can replace heads on Gerber CAT UV Flatbed. Need to keep this workhorse going a couple more years and the price from Gerber Service is really high. I can get the heads fairly priced but need a Tech for the install. We are located in Scottsdale Arizona...
  2. Static Cling for Painted Walls

    Folks, Does anybody know of an Eco Solvent printable white static cling film that will stick to painted drywall. Done all the searches on line and can't find anything. Removable adhesive will not work for this customer. Regards Ian
  3. Anyone know this one?

    Try Font Matcher it is a free program that works ok and will match your fonts to picture of a font. Pretty easy to use and can save lots of hunting. Fonta Matcher is available from many sites just serach under Font Matcher. regards Ian
  4. Printing Multiple copies

    I am using Flexi 7.6 to rip and print over a network works great. But if I want to print a number of copies of the same graphic it only prints one. This does not happen all the time and I can't find the setting that drives this. Production manager shows correctly and I tried all the obvious set...