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  1. School Sports Font

    I think you cleared up my brain fart! Now I feel like a real dummy. Thank you Your #1 Fred
  2. School Sports Font

    Anyone know the name of the font that is so commen on sports jerseys? Kind of squared off. My shop rat wants his name and school football number on the back of his car. This is the nicest kid I have ever met and I want to do him proud.:thankyou:
  3. Metal Sign Brackets - how to bend

    3/16" mild steel bends at a force of 4.25 ton's per 1 inch width. Yes you can bend up to 1" x 3/16" with a cheepy Harbor Freight bender. And enjoy doing it, it just takes a little longer. The same skills are needed for the cheepy as you need for the big boy. You can be just as skilled as any one...
  4. New guy from NW ohio

    Welcome from a transplant from Montpelier. Just don't tell anyone
  5. I'm sorry in advanced.

    Try giving Alan at Sky inc. a call. I think he sells a hobby type print / cut setup that might do you some good 450-449-0142
  6. Help Please!

    You clear the buffer by turning your plotter off then back on. Sorry forgot that part of your post.
  7. Help Please!

    When I upgraded???? to xp the only way to get my Roland to cut right was to put a usb to parallel cable between the computer and my roland junk. If you are running xp this may help. By the way it ran just fine on xp for months before it started acting up. This was Rolands tec support answer to...
  8. Total Noobie....

    Great place to hang out. Learn, enjoy, make new friends.
  9. Tubular

    Ohh Man I hope thats not what he wants! Thanks Trixie I didn't think to look in the easy places. I went digging thru the old dusty books.
  10. Tubular

    A font by the name of Tubular??? I am batting 0 on this one. Anyone know where I can obtain this font? My customer says it was very common in the 20s and it's the look he wants. The shop that did his first sign is out of business. Thanks
  11. Problem with Corel Photo-Paint

    Hi Chris Happens to me too, Win 2000 pro, Corel 9. Run your Corel update, modify just keep clicking next don't change any settings. It works for me. Good luck.