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  1. Flexi production manager over a network

    Turning off the TCP/IP checkbox and disabling the fire wall were the first things that I tried. Would the virus checker need to be disabled on both the host and the remote computer? The only other programs that I run on the host computer are my Microsoft outlook and Coreldraw.
  2. Flexi production manager over a network

    Well, I got ahold of another guy and he says that it's a serial port versus USB port issue. In order to fix the problem I have to order a USB hardware key - about $50. I am somewhat skeptical - and really don't want to shell out the 50 if it's not going to work!
  3. Flexi production manager over a network

    Has anyone using Flexi tried to set up the production manger over a network? I have production manager installed on the computer hooked up to my Graphtec plotter and I have my Flexi program installed on a seperate computer. I followed the instructions for set up on the manual and have TCP/IP...
  4. Export to Enroute option

    I use Enroute 3 v2 and I upgraded my Flexi to 7.6 v1. I too have had to start my Enroute program before Flexi at times. I am wondering if I need to change a preference or something?
  5. Export to Enroute option

    I recently installed the free upgrade to my Flexi 7.5 and was told that the "export to Enroute" option would actually work now. I still can't get it to work. Anyone got any ideas?:help: