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  1. poll size problem

    Please Help!! when I contour cut sometimes it won't cut for me it has a red question mark next to the media size. and when I click on that it says media size doesn't match in the cutter and the printer. that the printer is the main and the cutter is secondary and the must match. I'm scratching...
  2. Production manager help

    Thanks That’s what I figured also.
  3. Production manager help

    I'm having the same issue. where would I find the USB chip? is that something I can replace my self? thanks Tony
  4. copy and paste from google

    Thank You! It has been a pain in the butt. It really sucks to be in the habit of doing it a certain way and then have to change. Lol!
  5. copy and paste from google

    please someone tell me what is going on? i'm not a pro but i have been using Flexi for about 15 years. i have the monthly subscription to flexi. one of my problems is, when i go to Google images i have always copy and paste to flexi. but now it all of a sudden has a line through the image...
  6. Mutoh

    Mutoh 1324 goes through all the motions like its printing. but nothing happening. any ideas?
  7. graphtec repair

    thanks for responding actually i may be in the wrong thread but after closer exam it really is a designtec 60 suposedly there the same so they tell me until i personally went and looked. it all started with the power co. going down and it never worked again it will go through the motion of...
  8. graphtec repair

    hi i have a graphtec that needs repair can anyone help me with this thanks ky_coots
  9. need help with printer in ky

    help with hp printer in ky hi i need some help with a hp designjet 3500 cp printer (another great ebay buy) i need someone to let me know if anyone knows of a printer repair in ky or tenn i am located in southern ky, so i could go in either directions thanks tony.
  10. need help with printer in ky

    hi i am looking for a printer repair shop some where in ky or tenn. as i am in the southern part of ky my printer is hp designjet 3500 cp (another great ebay buy) if anyone could help me i would surely appreciate it thanks. tony
  11. help cibercut 5.5

    sorry about that.( ssk sign supply store)is what i meant to say .i guess i really need to apologize to signwarehouse sorry!
  12. help cibercut 5.5

    HELP! HELP! my computer went down, got it repaired but now my cibercut5.5 will not reinstall can anyone help me out PLEASE! Signwarehouse in nicholasville, ky. is out of business so i have no tech line to call. thanks tony.
  13. hp designjet 500

    hi all am very new to this business so be patient.I bought an existing business in southeastern ky ,small town,small prices. but its home and i can't change that not that i would want to, with all my equipment i got a hp designjet 500, my question is does anyone know if this machine can be...