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  1. Advice with stocking router bits

    Hey Dave from FB Tools. Can you post your website? Thanks
  2. Summa f1612 Question

    Thank you! Where do you get your router bits? also do you route any ACM with vinyl applied to it? Getting build up of adhesive on the bit.
  3. Summa f1612 Question

    Hi Everyone, We have a project that we print on our flat bed that utilizes a full sheet of 3mm pvc and a full sheet of 6mm pvc. We have (6) 32" h x 24" L signs from the material. We print full bleed to utilize all the material. We used to hand trim these on our Fletcher wall mounted cutter...
  4. Using Summa F1612 with Flexi

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have any experience setting up flexi files for use with a Summa F1612. We have had our machine installed and we are running Flexi on 2 design stations and 1 production station that has Flexi and Production Manager. I have no idea how to setup the files to use and neither...
  5. Summa F 1612 Electrical Question

    Hi Folks, Been a long time since i've posted on here. We've added a Summa f1612 to the shop and are having an issue with getting power to it. We do not have 3 phase in our building. It's going to run us an additional 10-12k to get that to our machine. Does anyone have any other successful...
  6. Summa F1612 Air Compressor

    We got the Summa from Northlight Color. they sent the guide but honestly its a little confusing. As with anything you can spend a lot of money on the ancillary products so I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions. We do not have a pneumatic tools ordered. we do have the 1.4 router...
  7. Summa F1612 Air Compressor

    Hi Folks, We've purchased a Summa F1612 and are getting the area ready for installtion. What air compressors have you installed? Do you get a sperate compressor or run air off of an existing paint booth complressor? Thanks
  8. Looking for Wholesale Parts

    Hi Folks, Anyone know where I can get these manual number counter thingy's? Not even sure what they are called. Thanks
  9. Need Manual Number Counter

    Hi Folks, Anyone know where I can get the manually changeable numbers counter that the you feller is changing in the photo? Have no idea what they are even called. Thanks
  10. Printing Double Sided Banners

    Hi Folks, We replaced a Roland with an Epson S60600. We used to have a process for printing double sided banners that utilized a base point procedure that the Roland printer allowed for. I don't see the same "Base Point" function on the Epson. Does anyone have a quick tutorial for printing...
  11. Vendor Needed

    Thanks AMS, Already tried Gemini. Their product is metal laminate or gem leaf laser cut. These appear to be mass produced and gold is painted on. Thanks though MB
  12. Vendor Needed

    Hi Folks, Been a while since I have posted anything on here. I am looking for a vendor for small plastic letters. These letters are 1" tall and are plastic with a shiny gold surface. These appear to be the mass produced type and not anything that is custom laser cut. I have searched hi and...
  13. How do I attack this sign?

    I like Brads option. Solid construction with proven materials Excellent. MB
  14. Flex Face Printing

    Hi Folks, We are trying to print some small flex faces in house on our Rolan VS-540. We are using Versaworks and printing on Arlon 390 Flex Face Material. The first side prints just fine at the correct dimensions. When we turn the material over to print the reverse mirrir image it seems as...
  15. Signs101 WRAP CONTEST

    Here's a trailer we did few months back. Thanks Miike B Big River Sign Co
  16. Longer cabinet face joining

    "Joining Faces" Hey there, Please dont take this the wrong way but it sounds like you are in over your head. The only time you would ever use multiple smaller faces to make a "Single" sign face is when using pan formed faces, as they are structurally sound them selves and generally suppor...
  17. Free Stuff For Y'all

    Thank You!! Thanks Much, Nice stuff. MB
  18. Font Help Needed

    Thank You!!!!!!
  19. Font Help Needed

    Hi Folks, I know I have seen this in my stack o Fonts before. It looks to be a relative of Gem. Any idea'rs? Thank You in advance. Mike B Big River Sign Co.
  20. Attempting My First Color Change Wrap Today...

    I would have gone to a local junk yard and gotten a replacement door fiirst. You finished product will look only as good as your canvas. Very difficult to turn a sows ear into a silk purse. But,....... That being said im sure your got some great experience wrapping your car. MB