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  1. CutContour line problem

    Is it just not cutting? not importing over? Left my crystal ball at home... I knew I was forgetting something today. :)
  2. Before I go to the Light table

    Does anyone know if this is a font or where I can find a S like this. Thanks much, Matt
  3. Versaworks users, why does the RIP program...

    Could it be something with the .eps settings when you export? Maybe the bleed limit setting?
  4. BrainF@*t Monday

    I have a new shirt screenprinter that I am doing some art for who wants some jersey names beveled like image below... Created the bevel Friday no problem but she now needs it seperated into solid black not screened gray art. Usually I just print things out with seperations on and it gives me all...
  5. 4over

    I just started using ZooPrintingTrade.com and they are another excellent company... 4/4 cards uv coated both sides for $19 + shipping.. they print them in 1-2 days. Just ordered some cards for a customer and they were spot on perfect.
  6. (2) Simple Font I.D.'s......I hope?

    looks like kuenstler script I would say like a helvetic italic on the other
  7. What the Font is it?

    thanks guys... I think I can thicken it up enough to work.
  8. What the Font is it?

    Any Ideas on this. thanks in advance.
  9. Mounting vinyl with laminator?

    I keep rolls of 4" transfer paper around and just tape the lead edge and apply it like you normally would.. works 100% of the time.
  10. Font ID Help

    Thanks Fred... I went to that site and put the image in and it didn't come up with anything.
  11. Font ID Help

    Can anyone tell me what this font is? Thanks much
  12. SP540v Running with No Ink

    Actually so far, no Murphy's Law.. The first time it happened in the first few inches of a new print, and last night on a Translucent 2x Overprint job it ran out of black ink on the bottom 2 contour/crop marks instead of screwing the whole job up... Even better, it was a square cut print, so I...
  13. SP540v Running with No Ink

    I don't think I nicked the sensors or anything.. I will pay closer attention from now on to make sure. The printer is on level ground... hasn't moved since we had it installed. The printer status acts correctly. It shows the ink on the last quarter and will have to be replaced soon, it just...
  14. SP540v Running with No Ink

    My Magenta on the other hand stopped printing last week, paused the machine like it should, and it felt heavy to me and I took it apart to find a full cup of ink left in it. What gives.
  15. SP540v Running with No Ink

    Has anyone had the problem of there versacamm not stopping when a ink cartridge runs out? Mine has kept printing 2 times this week when the Yellow and the Black has run out of ink. Is this a problem with the machine or the cartridges? Matt
  16. X3 Crashing

    If its a memory problem you can go into your corel settings also and allow corel access to more memory. I set mine to 50% so it has a gig.
  17. Shop Hours

    I think I would quit before I worked on Saturday. M-F is more than enough... my life and well being is worth more than money.
  18. Can't Delete any EPS Files . . . HELP ! ! !

    another program is called MoveOnBoot and you can right click and delete files on next reboot. Just about all of my .eps files need this.
  19. Thumbnail software

    Extensis Portfolio is what I use.
  20. What the F*()*#$ is wrong with my printer ???

    I just use those square alcohol swabs that come prepackaged 1 each to clean my encoder strip.