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  1. Good outsource for vinyl printing??

    Thanks but... Thanks, but I'm hoping someone who has already gone through the process of reading all the merchants details, making phone calls, inquiries and has already received a product meeting my pricing/quality specs will save me the time since I have just a few days.
  2. Good outsource for vinyl printing??

    My local guy shut his business down. I'm looking for a new company to do my vinyl prints every once in awhile. I was paying $3 sq ft for vinyl, $3.50 for banner. Prints were print and cut, banners were just rolled up and I grommeted them myself. I'm looking for about the same...
  3. Difficult font

    Anybody know what font this is, or if it's in some sort of special collection? I like the style of it and can really use it on another project. Thank you.
  4. Please help me ID this font

    Thanks Thank you Fred. You are the man!!! :U Rock:
  5. Please help me ID this font

    Sorry for the bad pic. It's what was given to me so you can understand my need for the font name. I've gone through my fonts to no avail. Thanks.
  6. Automotive Dashboard kits??

    Has anyone seen software or templates for Automotive Dashboards? I have a buddy who has some ideas for vinyl dashboard kits and I remember someone mentioning it before I just can't seem to locate the website or software/templates. Thank you.
  7. Michigan Newbie, Help me Support Our Troops!

    Umm, the Military. The best way to support the troops is to become one.
  8. Monster Energy Drink Font

    Looking for the actual font collection, not the .eps, already have that but, thanks.
  9. Monster Energy Drink Font

    Still no font? Been looking for this font as well. I got $20 Paypal for anyone that can find this font for me. (for those outdated folks, I guess I can also get a money order and snail mail it.)
  10. Ink printing like spray can

    This ever happen to anyone? I started printing today and my black ink prints out as if it is spraying on the vinyl. Looks very distorted and has "overspray?". Weird. Head height is good, tried head cleaning. Printed fine yesterday. Has ink and is pumping well. Printer is a Roland FJ-52. Any ideas?
  11. Hello from a new Merchant Supplier

    Welcome John. Nice to see another PC nerd around. I myself have dabbled a bit in building PC's, only got about 50-60 under my belt, sure you have hundreds. Also got MCSE certified but never was able to find a job using it. And that was in L.A.! Got some buddies that work in an IT center near...
  12. Where are these graphics from?

    Thanks Brendan, looks like speedgraphics has those graphics. As far as the girls go...I could have posted plenty of hotties but since I was looking for that specific graphic, it is what was included in the pic. For those that like Jeanine Pirro, I have seen plenty of women like her here in...
  13. Where are these graphics from?

    You like? The pic on their MySpace page (if you scroll down a tad) was taken here at the sandbar. Pasties (stick-on nipple covers) are the new bikini around here. Well, they been around for some years now but it's gotten more popular. Some just use electrical tape.
  14. Where are these graphics from?

    Sure, they have a MySpace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=80310411 I see girls like these ALL summer long!! Google Lake Havasu and you'll see some crazy stuff! Be sure to search the images with Safe Search off, if using Firefox, like you should.
  15. Where are these graphics from?

    OK guys, on the truck, yes there's a truck in this pic. You have to look past the sexy girls kissing. Where are these graphics from? Is it Aurora? Custom?
  16. Cut Off Blade...

    I too use this same letter opener. About $2 from Staples vs $113? Why pay more to ruin your prints?
  17. Cutter Skips Letter When Cutting!

    511 is right. But, If that doesn't work, try rubbing your belly and patting your head while clicking send with your mouse using your right elbow.
  18. simple windows problem haha

    I'm a little confused. Did you try changing your performance settings? Right-click My Computer then go to Properties then Advanced. Scroll down and make sure the last three are checked off, the rest are useless and consume cpu resources, I would leave them unchecked. Does this help? Maybe you...
  19. Hello

    Hello from Az....92 degrees today!!
  20. Christmas Graphics

    That time is coming, anyone know where to get some good looking Christmas themed graphics?