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  1. Best Medical Gloves With Ecosol Ink And Cleaner? Vinyl, Latex, Nitrile, Etc...?

    You really should be using only Nitrile gloves with most printing chemicals, especially solvents.
  2. Oce Colorado - Yay or nay

    My company just invested heavily in 6 of these. There is a hefty price tag but the quality and speed are extremely impressive. Our shop has everything from 3.2m Vuteks, 5m Vuteks, various Epsons and HPs and the 1640 has quickly become our favorite printer. When rush jobs come in and I need...
  3. CE6000 - Blank Screen

    We have a CE6000 that's a few years old. It was cutting fine today, but then all of the sudden the screen went blank. The LCD does power on (gets darker) but doesn't display anything. None of the fans come on. Any thoughts?
  4. Free Butt Rolls - Boston, MA

  5. Free Butt Rolls - Boston, MA

    The company I work for goes through tons of material and we end up with a lot of butt rolls of material that are of no use to us and our production volume, but might be useful to you. The following are the materials we have butt rolls for. We generate many of these each month and most of them...
  6. In Search Of: Printable Magnetic Sheets 42" wide or larger ROLAND

    http://www.magnetsource.com/Solutions_Pages/printmagvinyl.html This is great stuff. Is available wide (48") and in various thicknesses.
  7. Pop-up displays

    Check out Hydrosol 385STL. It's very rigid and durable. Unfortunately the others are right in that things just get beat to hell on the show floor, but we've had good luck with this stuff. http://www.kernowcoatings.com/hydrosol.html
  8. What do you collect

  9. Wow, this is one job I could never do!

    My guess is they build most of it on the ground horizontally and then pull it up? If that's not the case, that's certainly how I would do it.
  10. Removable wall stickers?

    We've used this and had great results as well. I believe it's the 3268. Comes in large rolls and can be applied with hand pressure. Removes great.
  11. Cardboard sign base

    I'd be interested to know which tradeshow you saw these at as I believe the company I work for owns the rights to this design.
  12. People wanting scraps

    We donate our scraps to non-profits and schools. We keep track of the sq. ft. and then write it off at the end of the year as a donation.
  13. incentive programs

    I think it is extremely important to reward those who go above and beyond the call of duty. This can be in the form of lunch, gift cards, extra paid time off, things of that nature. Many times, especially in a large company like this, we can't just throw money at good employees. Small rewards...
  14. How a Machine Company SHOULD run...pay attention

    I'd be very interested to see one of these in action considering the VUTEk higher ups who've started this company. Some of the speed numbers they are mentioning are intense.
  15. Printing on Cardboard

    Keep in mind that heat associated with curing UV ink on a flatbed can be an issue when printing on cardboard. LED lamp technology is helping to alleviate this.
  16. Anyone have tips on wrapping a steel drum?

    Apply male/female velcro to ridges, apply male/female velcro to sized 2mm PVC/Sintra, apply graphic to barrel, with proper measurements sintra should line up to itself when it wraps around. Can top the barrel with a contour cut piece of PVC that covers the top of barrel as well as the gap...
  17. Fuji Acuity or Oce owners, Service Warranty worth it?

    Our biggest problem with VUTEk service has always been response time, and the way they go about diagnosing their machines. Both have been deplorable considering we pay $25k a year for a service contract. They typically will send a part out, the tech will try that part, that won't work, they'll...
  18. Iphone 4s or Samsung galaxy s3

    You should really be asking yourself if you should go with an Apple 4S or HTC One X. The S3 is ugly and pretentious.
  19. Batman doodle

    I absolutely love comic books, and Batman is my favorite character of all. It's sad to have watched the industry slowly die. I'm hoping that it can be invigorated somehow. I miss the slow summer days reading cheap comic books.
  20. QS2000 vs. ???

    The QS2000/3200 is a solid printer. The white (like most printers) will be your enemy. That printer is quite solid though. It takes a beating and just keeps on going.