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  1. Howard Elijah

    Comment by 'Howard Elijah' in media 'PVC Scroll'

    Komatex,heat-gun,airbrushand a heavenly helping hand. Thanx
  2. PowerSports fontID

    Thanks for the help thats all I need. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
  3. PowerSports fontID

    Found the Slayer, Thanks Gene, Eric where might I find "Ironwood"?
  4. PowerSports fontID

    Seen it used a buncha times never tried this one myself so I am clueless. Anyone?
  5. Loon


    One shot-createx-frog juice
  6. Native touch

    Native touch

    All paint on Harley
  7. The New Guy

  8. Greetings from snowy Duluth, MN.

    Hey, from the westside of MN, Detroit Lakes representing here....
  9. Arlo Kalon is in the building...

    Welcome Arlo...
  10. New to the forum and the sign business

    :Welcome: TO:signs101:
  11. new menber

    :Welcome: Dude
  12. Hey!

    Welcome to the site,these guys are great...and for the love of God steer clear of sign warehouse,made the mistake of going there myself and I wish I would have spent more money and time and gone elsewhere.
  13. What's Your Training?

    Detroit Lakes Vo-Tech for two years, we were the first to get a GerberIV didn't have monitors back in them days had to use the LED display and X and Y axis movements....hence the reason I stuck to my brush.
  14. PVC Scroll

    PVC Scroll

    12"x16" PVC Wall art for friends benefit.
  15. Howard Elijah

    Comment by 'Howard Elijah' in media 'Darth ...?'

    I was thinkin' one brush one x-acto knife...
  16. Loon


    World's Largest Loon in Vergas MN.
  17. school-house


    Got an education while rendering this school house,it was sold some years ago and moved by my grandfather to its current location as the central building for the Boys and Girls club here in Detroit Lakes. Education....it just keeps on giving.
  18. Porsche emblem

    Porsche emblem

    3x6 wall mural
  19. Darth ...?

    Darth ...?

    Minnesota winters...need a sequel name...anyone?