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  1. Roland XC-540 possible bearing problem, grinding

    @krstep Did you change linear bearing from aliexpress and what was model? How printer works now? I find that on Digiprint that bearing is like 384 euros+tax. (3 pcs) Its SP-540v L-Bearing LWES15Q (Blocks - 3 pcs), right order model is LWES15C3R220Q
  2. Roland SP540V Printing Issue

    Is that test print is before soaking or after? Cose, looks like capps are 100% for replacing and maybe dampers when you servicing all. Watch out not to shortcut head above with splashing ink. Then you gonna burn motherboard, to be precise, fuse and several transistors. Do a test print after...
  3. A Serbian guy who sell templates on Internet

    I never heard of that guy, can you send me a link to offer? There is one guy in town Kovin with cutter , but didnt know that he sells templates.. He used to have ad in several motorcycle forums , but that didn`t go well. There are several sign shops who do as we everyday bikes and cars but...
  4. Mounting 4x8 Print Between 2 Pcs Of Acrylic For Wall

    yup, reverse print on clear and laminate with plain white and all that mount on back of first acrylic plate. No need for second , only if you need thickness for spacers..
  5. Printing problem

    Sorry 4 late response.I used that media year ago. On my sp 540 that paper start curling if you touch heater above 42-44c so we printed in some banner mode with some reduced ink consumption. I have somewhere profile 4 that paper, I could send you on DZ when I see you.
  6. Roll-Up material

    same here...Polyprop satin film TAPEDE
  7. DSCF5772


  8. my makita saw

    my makita saw

    mobile workhorse..
  9. Merc Sprinter wrap

    Merc Sprinter wrap

    cast vinil &liquid lam.
  10. austrougarn empire horse wagon from last century..

    austrougarn empire horse wagon from last century..

    some cuted &printed vinil. Should use a goldleaf &a pinstripin, but hey,..that was over owners budget
  11. sprinter wrap

    sprinter wrap

  12. office desk @Forumlab

    office desk @Forumlab

    cnc routed pvc foam& some vinil in corp.colours.
  13. fiat punto wrap

    fiat punto wrap

    cast vinil & liquid lam
  14. hair salon in Novi Sad

    hair salon in Novi Sad

  15. big alu sign

    big alu sign

    Co-sign alu profile, 5mx1,5m alubond with 3M cutted reflective vinil. One hard job on field, snow and rain. customer wanted asap mounting over night. Later they asked 4 another part 5x1 mounted on top of this1...
  16. another Sprinter, work in progress

    another Sprinter, work in progress

    some partial wrap, cast vinil&liquid lam.
  17. friends sprinter

    friends sprinter

    just some cast cuted vinil..Windmill is like trademark in our flatland area. Our province have best wheat in these part of europe
  18. Sport arena Cair_town Nis_close1

    Sport arena Cair_town Nis_close1

  19. Sport arena Cair_town Nis

    Sport arena Cair_town Nis

    powdercoated alu sheets with cnc cuted pvc foam letters
  20. neon signs

    neon signs

    circle light signs, neon & thermoformed plexyglass