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  1. Inside Sales/Project Manager for Sign & Graphics Company - Metro Detroit

    Long-established graphics and sign production studio in Northville, Michigan, seeks creative sales professional with sign industry experience. The person in this position will serve as a liaison between our clients and our design team to provide creative signage and branding solutions for our...
  2. Flexi Cloud Updated this morning...

    Where do I find what the update was for?
  3. Name plates for cubicle walls...

    We get those pins from Johnson Plastics (part# SP11A), maybe 65 cents a piece. There's also a quantity disc.
  4. SAi Flexi Cloud Service Pack Update

    SO Diffusion now prints what looks like 200% ink after the update. Not 2 ink passes, just 1 really heavy pass.
  5. Help with Flexi Importing files

    I'm not sure what PC Speed Maximizer is, but let's assume it's a legitimate product and not some trojan. It probably did some tweaks to Windows, sacrificing conveniences for speed. Having all those file names at the ready uses a certain amount of resources, so it probably got rid that feature.
  6. ICC Profile Newbie Basics

    We've always had trouble with black-to-white gradients looking either purple or green (I use canned profiles for a JV3 in Flexi). I can turn off color correction and get a perfect transition, but of course any other color in the print is unusable. Can I assume a custom profile would fix this, as...
  7. Which Oracal vinal is equivalent to 3M IJ40C

    Definitely 3551RA -- high performance calendered vinyl.
  8. Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    Okay, I'll give it a spin.
  9. Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    So, no reason not to? Other than info which may or may not be logged somewhere when printing?
  10. Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

  11. Upgrade to Flexi Cloud?

    Is there a real reason not to upgrade to Flexi Cloud? Anybody happy with it and think it's worth it? ("It" being the hassle of upgrading, not the price of zero dollars)
  12. Painted Cedar Posts Alternatives?

    http://www.4everproducts.com These guys have wholesale pricing for vinyl and aluminum, though we haven't yet had a need to use them.
  13. Screw you 3M.

    Josh -- What's the big difference between 3951RA & 3751RA? We used to use 3751 for cab doors, etc. when we first got our printer, then used 3951RA for doing wraps and 3551RA for cabs, then switched to 3M IJ180Cv3/IJ40C-10. How does it handle the indents on vans around the wheel wells and...
  14. Identify the bracket?

    After all the searches, the client had a couple in the back room that didn't get installed. And boy, are these some hand-made gems. No wonder I couldn't find them anywhere. Check out those angles!
  15. Identify the bracket?

    I agree. It looks like it needs a second bracket, but I can't seem to find any that look like it. The boss said to match it, but we'll have to go another route.
  16. Identify the bracket?

    Does anyone recognize this bracket/sign? It looks kind of odd, like it needs another bracket below it. I need to match it or get very close.
  17. different issues continually really wearing on me

    I do this too. Easier than remembering the spacing/panel size I used in order to recreate the "Cut only" file when Flexi screws me again.
  18. Material for Wall Graphics

  19. Flexi 10.5 printing wireframe as thick line

    FlexiSIGN-PRO 10.5.1, Build 1806 I have also noticed recently (since upgrading from Pentium D, WinXP to a new i7 computer and Win 7 64bit) that my wireframes were about 1/16" instead of hairline. I just chalked it up to the new setup. This giant line was just today though.