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  1. ConvexVinyl.com Redesign

    that'd be awesome. Trying to get hi rez *action* shots is tough
  2. Thebest printer for Motocross and carwraps

    Not released yet. We can send you a beta sample iffin you'd like
  3. Thebest printer for Motocross and carwraps

    I'm curious too :)
  4. Thebest printer for Motocross and carwraps

    Pretty easy to work with too. I've got some printed samples ready. Was a lot faster than I thought it would be. Works fantastic on our Armalex polycarbonates too.
  5. Thebest printer for Motocross and carwraps

    Well it didn't make a whole lot of sense without a white adhesive as most inkjets can't print white. The High-Bond White PSA is the real innovation here. *That* is the real accomplishment. Extremely useful for Edge users to as flood coat white can sometimes have (ahem) issues.
  6. Cut vinyl for textured plastic?

    PlaStick is the best for that but High-Bond will work fine.. http://www.plastick.net
  7. Thebest printer for Motocross and carwraps

    coming soon BTW: Convex® Reverse 20 mil is ready for launch. Reverse print (i.e. sub surface). We have our High-Bond adhesive that in white (7 mil) ready too. 27 mil decal. We have some samples ready but it isn't launched yet. I actually figured out a way to laminate our Convex Twenty Laminate...
  8. Does anybody use this plug-in for photoshop??

    Pain Have Mask Pro. Never use it. Easier to use curves unless it is complicated like hair.
  9. Thermal vs Inkjet

    Both :) If you're doing larger stuff or photoshopped textures than the inkjet is "the" way to go. If not, than we think the Edge is better. We used to sell inkjets and get approached constantly to add them to our floor. Don't like inkjet hassle as it gets in the way of getting things done...
  10. Chrome vinyl

    And it is a 4 mil not 5 mil...
  11. Chrome vinyl

    sry it is a 7 year outdoor not 5
  12. Chrome vinyl

    ours is a 5 mil conformable. Nice and stretchy. Lay flat liner. Five year outdoor I think - will check. I had no problems weeding it (5 mil with 20 mil lam) We've got High-Bond on it now so it will stick well to plastic & powder coated paint...
  13. ConvexVinyl.com Redesign

  14. Chrome vinyl

    Shhh! Not released yet but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87jEpLqEUGg
  15. ConvexVinyl.com Redesign

  16. Back Cut

    We do samples of all our media this way and have it down pretty well. There are some little tweaks you can do to make it a lot easier. The v4 Omega is great but working with thicker films (i.e. Convex), you have to do things a bit differently.
  17. ConvexVinyl.com Redesign

    Howdy all, I'm rebuilding the ConvexVinyl.com site to make room for a few new products. Does anyone have any *constructive* comments? Or any new action shots? I've been thinking of making a decal builder page walks you through all options and adds up how thick the decal would be. I...
  18. Back Cut

    Is anyone interested in learning back-cut/shoulder cutting? I'm working on a video of it and interested to see if anyone wants this...?
  19. Pictures of MX bikes you made graphics for!

    Btw and we have three new products coming in the Convex line... mabbe four. Inkjet & thermal. but i never said that ;)