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  1. Roland GR-640 Cutter is a POS stay away DONT BUY!

    I have had a gr-540 for about a year now and have had issues but not as bad as you have had. Roland has been slow to answer on anything and my dealer is now out of business. My biggest problem now is everything in the cut plot window in flexi is flipped to the wrong side from what it cuts and...
  2. Printing Neon colors

    PrismJET VJ 24X ValuPrint 8 Color FluorescentPrismJET VJ24XF Fluorescent Print Package Signwarehouse has a 24" model that has florescent yellow and pink but do not see that they offer it on any of the bigger printers
  3. Just In New Roland Cutter: Gr-640

    I have a GR-540 it is a better machine than the gx series but it still has a few issues. At least once a day vinyl will catch in the sheet cut groove and jam up ruining the vinyl. Would rather have a manual pinch roller handle than the automatic pinch rollers they take too long. If you load...
  4. Roland GX-500 Plotter

    Roland GX-500 50" Vinyl Plotter. works great just upgraded to a bigger plotter $1500roldand plotter for sale by dhamlett15 posted Nov 14, 2017 at 12:59 PM
  5. roland plotter for sale

    roland plotter for sale

  6. Recognize this? I know is a little moded but can anyone set me on the right path?

    Rigby SignType: 23 hand-lettered fonts on CD | SignCraft
  7. Roland Sp 300i and GBC laminator

    $7000 for the printer only
  8. Roland Sp 300i and GBC laminator

    $8500 for the pair or will sell separate
  9. Roland Sp 300i and GBC laminator

    Roland Sp-300i Printer/Cutter and GBC Laminator. Printer is almost 4 years old in great condition. Laminator works good but has a few small issues. Have new equipment on the way an need to get these sold .
  10. First try at hand carving....

  11. For Sale: Graphtec fc5100-75 30" Plotter

    Graphtec FC5100-75 30" plotter still works great. $1,200 I have the original box and packing to ship the plotter in. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Dedicated cutting on SP-540v

    I would just find a good used plotter. When you load material in the roland printer the print head will come out while it measures the width of your material and it take forever. Also since the print head comes out if you load material in the curls up and hits the print head you ruin a...
  13. Zenbot 4848

    Did you get the zenbot?
  14. Stretching vinyl while applying to corrugated plastic.

    I use the 6 mil GF material for coro works good with full coverage prints without masking http://www.cssignsupply.com/222-Series--6-Mil-Semi-Rigid-Matte-Digital-Vinyl-54x100_p_8.html
  15. Where do you buy your shirts from?

    sanmar and use virgina t's as my backup
  16. Where can I get this Shape

    Look under the shape options
  17. 30" 5mil or 6 mil Matte Vinyl for Outdoor Stickers?

    I use the 6 mil 27" from CS sign supply on my sp300. Works great for bumper stickers and yard signs