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  1. Digital printer that also cuts?

    I have a roland fj400 8 color printer like new, for sale. It doesn't cut, and if you are interested in it, you'd have to come to prescott arizona to see it.its bheen sitting for 5 yrs and needs to be serviced. Lots of substrates and extra ink carts go with it. Make an offer. 938-778-5879
  2. A general "Future of the Industry" discussion

    The sign biz has become a total loser! I'm so happy i retired!
  3. bob burns

    U R My Favorite Person!

    U R My Favorite Person!
  4. Pricing Your Work

    And dont forget to add that 20% for a**holes!
  5. Holiday fun.....?

    Roy, DITTO the "humbug"!
  6. Whippersnappers......

    I'd just like to add a comment about making those cheap-ass customers add a little more to your pocketbook. We all know that the customer wants not only the best price he can get, but, more often it's VALUE he wants! So when you finally deliver that order, give him something extra in...
  7. new member intro

  8. ENCAD VINYLJET v.s. Roland VersaCamm

  9. Pricing Your Work

    The FIRST thing I do is to NEVER give a price, ballpark or otherwise, over the phone. If they can't come to my place of business, or me go to THEM, screw it! People who call for "prices" want the lowest price they can find. I try to shoot for "higher end" customers. FACE TO FACE with SET prices...
  10. What do people use to view/manage fonts

    FONTLIST.exe It's FREE and works great.

    Check it out www.rolanddga.com Looks like "the answer"!:cool1: