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  1. Anybody seen this font before

    Help me please with this font!
  2. Chance for me to help a friend. FOnt ID. 5 or 6 different

    Thnak everybody... Im not stressed any more. I do like youve suggested
  3. FONT ID (not eurostile)

    Plunk this one out for me please?
  4. Font Help Please

    Anyone know this one? The X is specific it seems.
  5. Chance for me to help a friend. FOnt ID. 5 or 6 different

    those fonts were off. Any body else have an idea?
  6. Chance for me to help a friend. FOnt ID. 5 or 6 different

    Why Exact? well the only way I can explain it is, hes an engineer and ya know tolerances and wot not.It just seems the proper thing to do after knowing him I guess. Thanks for the help but the fonts you advised are off but close.
  7. Chance for me to help a friend. FOnt ID. 5 or 6 different

    Hello All.. My friend has been helping me build a sawmill. Welded the whole darn frame last week and has done more for me than just about anybody I can think of. But he has a poster of O-Ring details and engeneer level code on it and I want to recreat it for him and print it large and fine for...
  8. need to convert .CDL to .Ai

    How did it get there to AI? What made it work? I got the same issueS. THANKS
  9. need to convert .CDL to .Ai

    LOL yeah that was antio climatic. HOW did it do the do? I want to know 2

    Hello, MY father is stressed out about this graphic. We will stack a few bucks in yer barn if you can get us going with a clean representation of this or just find the original wallpaper. I cant seem to find it. ANd the client actsa like it fell out of the sky and they dont know. Im still...
  11. RED BARN

    This design has takien so long and srynin about it. Any one see how to make this thing commercial? I cant see thye final yet. the Shop is a thrift store/ antique shop. has alot of gifts and planty of antiques. Glass lamps chandeliers... Old axes old wrenches. Gold diggin equiptment. And the...
  12. Complete List of Printable Items for Roland

    I wonder if there is some way to get a list of all the media this SP540V can print. All of its capabilities. Or to get a sample kit of the different media offered without having to get half way into 1,000 bucks. Ever time you click.
  13. Beer Bubbles

    Yeah it does... Im going to use those bubbles I just bought and see if it will get it done. I might have to let go of the idea. We will see if it Cant be done. lol
  14. Beer Bubbles

  15. Beer Bubbles

    VERY cool.. thank you. thank you all
  16. Beer Bubbles

    Looks like dang shampoo...
  17. Beer Bubbles

    Can anyone give me a tip on how to make beer foam look realistic. I dont think Ive spent that long on this maybe 2 hours but it isnt going smooth. ANy tips would be a great help.
  18. SP540V Head Rplce hiccup or WORSE!

    I suppose I should ask I got a question. After i installed the new head the machine was filling the lines and dampers when it demanded the blue cartidge. I turned off the sub power to reboot into service mode. Does the printer understand a head has been replaced because i entered it before i...
  19. SP540V Head Rplce hiccup or WORSE!

    We got it... Dad is driving to Benicia... thanks Its getting less scary all the time. I came back this morning after shutting it down and the heads on soak, and it was cryin for ink again. turned itself back on?
  20. SP540V Head Rplce hiccup or WORSE!

    Changing head for first time. On INK FILL after head was installed I ran out of blue ink. Roland Wants Blue INK but there is none for days. What should I do? Pinch the drain tube and head soak till I can get it? thats all i thought to do. the heads are soaking and the tubes did fill all the...