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  1. sp300v Sensor Interrupter pdf?

    I have the service manual whats your email
  2. Question Need a supplier for wedding invitations

    One of our son's is getting married next June and i need wedding invitations and was hoping i could get a recommendation on who to use. I can design them or they can whatever is easier for them. Any input would be appreciated and wedding donations will be accepted. LOL
  3. Need Help Vectorizing

    I just sent it to the Vector Dr. it will be perfect when done and can't beat his prices. Thanks guys
  4. Need Help Vectorizing

    I have used Eric in the past and he does amazing work but it has been a few years. I just sent it to him.
  5. Need Help Vectorizing

    I can get it close but not perfect :(
  6. Need Help Vectorizing

    I am trying to cut this out of white vinyl for a window but can't get it to vectorize in Flexi or Corel. Is there anyone who can help me out?
  7. Need font help please

    I have tried different font sites and can't figure this one out. Anyone able to help me out with this fomt?
  8. looking for 2016 Silverado 2500 crewcab short bed template

    Will be rally stripes and then some graphics down the sides of the truck also. The bad wrap is perfect $29.99 for the template. Thank you so much.
  9. looking for 2016 Silverado 2500 crewcab short bed template

    Hi all its been awhile hope everyone is doing well in the new year. My father is buying a 2016 Silverado hd2500 crew cab short bed truck as his retirement gift to himself and with his son owning a small sign shop i get the job of customizing his new truck. He is thinking rally stripes and maybe...
  10. Anyone know this font??

    Thank you very much.
  11. Anyone know this font??

    I cant figure out what font this is. Anyone recognize it?
  12. What material to use for a backsplash

    My wife wants a stonewall print for our back splash and we only do cut vinyl so i will have to order it from somewhere my question is do i need it laminated to be able to clean it?
  13. Font Id help please

    Thank you!!! Thank both of you for helping and thanks to the rest who may have looked and could not figure it out. I love this forum and all that you do to help others.
  14. Font Id help please

    I have went through all my fonts and can come close to matching it but just not perfect. Any one able to help me? I tried what the font but says its to complex.
  15. Pinstripes for 2013 Silverado

    Got it!! Thank you all so much...Happy Thanksgiving Danny & Dawn
  16. Pinstripes for 2013 Silverado

    I agree What i am looking for is the same thing in a vector version.Or what they would be called to search them on Google
  17. Pinstripes for 2013 Silverado

    Something like this but single color. Something along these lines but simple...For my 70 year old father in laws new truck
  18. Pinstripes for 2013 Silverado

    Hope someone can help me out. My husband usually is the one to handle these things but he is out of town. I need to know if anyone can help me find (or tell me what they're called) the pinstripes that are are around the door handles, tail lights and tailgate on a 2013 Silverado. Any insight is...
  19. Need some font help

    Nobody knows this font? even get me close?
  20. Need some font help

    I went through all my fonts with font thing...tried what da font but cant come up with it so im hoping someone here can name that font.