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  2. Sabre 408 Chatter

    are you using a single or double flute bit? I've had chatter like that using a double flute on 1/2 pvc before
  3. Job Exceeds Table Boundary

    So it's been at least 10 years since I've had to replace the sacrificial boards on my Gerber Sabre 408. I've drilled & pocketed them and find myself stuck on the milling of the material surface. I keep getting "Job Exceeds Table Boundary X: 000.002in Y:000.000in" :frustrated: TIA
  4. Gerber GS15 Alignment Problems

    mine is also is the whole drum that is replaced, or is new rubber rolled out onto the existing drum?
  5. LED's

    was just curious how other parts of the country say it, had an out of state sign tech come in and ask for some white leads, I didn't understand what he was asking for since I've only ever known it by L.E.D.
  6. LED's

    When discussing L.E.D.'s, Do you pronounce them Leads (like the metal) or Elle E Dee's?? just curious :Cool 2:
  7. Rout job larger than material

    I've only been running the gerber sabre 408 for a little over a year now and have been lucky enough to rout jobs that have always fit on 8' - 10' material. Sooo now that my lucks run out and I have to cut some material way over 10' I was wondering if some of the router guru's have some...
  8. Rout this

    hello, I am getting ready to mill the sacrificial boards on my gerb sabre 408, but my dilemma is this... the control rev. says "rev level 408 control sab u.5" shouldnt it be rev 1.4 or L.2, L.2e?? what gives? thanks 4 your time
  9. ColorSpan or Gerber Solara?

    we have a solara uv2,, 1 yr old in may 07 the only 2 real issues that bugs me is MDO has to be flatter than humanly possible... the registration on double sided is usually off by 1/8'' to 1/4'' as for speed...it takes about 45 mins to an hour on 3 pass for a 4x8 so it is slower than...
  10. $100,000 giveaway

    IDK but this is what it sez "The Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States (excluding Florida, New York and Rhode Island BS!) and the District of Columbia, who are age 18 or over and who are the owners, principals or presidents of a sign shop/graphic manufacturing company...
  11. Autonumbers & Force Length

    like fred said find the longest # and that will be your condensed percentage you need to use
  12. Font Manager Program? What do you guys use?

    Bitstream (Corel13)
  13. Font identification request

    i take it you dont like the DIY fonts eh fred? lol
  14. It's a shore thing...

    its called magneto bold on my pc
  15. font ID? nope

    no prob, thanx 4 checking it out
  16. How due...

  17. font ID? nope

    It was a dark & stormy night.......I was admiring the fine work many of you here do and I came across a specific picture and really liked the style of lettering by fellow Floridian Craig Sjoquist :Cool 2: So I made myself a font close to his lettering used on this sign. I thought it...
  18. A sign to ponder?

    dont even go there, i would tell you a few things but i respect fred & the forums.
  19. A sign to ponder?

    couldn't have said it better myself :thumb: it may not make a difference that i refuse to shop at wallyworld or any of the big chain stores, but its my money to spend where i choose.