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  1. Not new...more like used up.

    Great to hear from you folks. I have tried to get work with a few other shops in area , but struck out. I worked at Home Depot for awhile, now going to work as product rep. for Glidden paint products at 5 WalMart stores (Augusta,Waterville,Farmington,Skowhegan & Palmyra) . Not what I really want...
  2. Not new...more like used up.

    Just stopped by to say hello. Hadnt been on here in couple years. Lost my business, home and studio due to divorce, poor economy and competition...Sold off everything . Still make some custom scroll brackets and dabble here n there. Never got with the digital phase. Still pretty much old school...
  3. imaSIGNr

    Hi folks...Havent been on here in a few years...Just saying hello....anyone there ?

    Hi folks...Havent been on here in a few years...Just saying hello....anyone there ?
  4. what's it worth ? 30" Panther cutter/LXi master,7.5v4

    This number is somewhere what I was thinking.... I agree, I am not 100% I will sell cause I do own all my stuff, but I am also BROKE. I will be keeping all my metal working stuff, welders, plasma cutter, bender etc...... I will still try to make brackets somewhere, but I think I will drop my...
  5. what's it worth ? 30" Panther cutter/LXi master,7.5v4

    Due to divorce and lack of work and loosing my shop I will soon be out of business for myself. Looking to get work with another shop, but I have a 30" Panther cutter only just over 4 years old, has not skipped a beat, not abused or overused, always kept covered when not in use ( still have...
  6. The Polished Turd Contest - VOTE NOW!

    My car out of HS was a 62 Impala, same color as #6. Only mine was a rag top. Paid $400 for it and it was sharp. Had 4 on the floor and the top worked.. I had it a few months and got in a bad accident with it. Im glad the guy that went through the windshield wasnt hurt too bad. voted for #15.......
  7. HDU Pricing

    I assume that is a one sided sign.
  8. Removing oxidation from vehicle after graphics removed?

    I buff with polishing compound ( low rpm's ), clean well then apply graphics and wax, but it only gets out some of it..... Every job in different depending on circumstances.
  9. Generic Scroll Bracket

    Trying to figure out exactly what you need concerning a generic bracket when you're talking about post and panel.....
  10. Brackets and Hangers

    Not sure what you're looking for , but I make custom steel brackets, usually scroll stuff, but it does not have to be scrolled. Some of it is forged work.
  11. imaSIGNr

    Comment by 'imaSIGNr' in media 'BIG painted sign'

    nice sign Jill
  12. Where is my text cursor in 7.6?

    Right, if you click on the work space you should get your "I" beam. ( If you have done all the aforementioned )
  13. Where is my text cursor in 7.6?

    click on the "T" in the left hand column. If that is not there....go to top , click arrange, click toolbars and check what you want showing.......All this info is in your HELP section.
  14. only vinyl cutting?

    the guy doesn't want to print nor need the latest version, just a cutter that works like Flexi....
  15. only vinyl cutting?

    It's LXi not Lexi.....I don't know the answer to your question. Call Signwarehouse and ask them.... 800-699-5512
  16. only vinyl cutting?

    look into LXi ( same as Flexi ) sold exclusively at Signwarehouse, way cheaper, and as good if you're not into heavy production.
  17. The Basics

    It will be different for everyone, depending on many variables, like budget, local, ordinances, building codes etc.
  18. imaSIGNr

    Just noticed that you are a Cornhusker . I am originally from Omaha. Been gone for many years...

    Just noticed that you are a Cornhusker . I am originally from Omaha. Been gone for many years though.....
  19. mudflap girl files

    Search for "sexy girls" | dafont.com
  20. Coroplast and bubbles

    only use cheap vinyl on coro. Less bubbles. Don't do wet, squeege with the flutes......and don't worry about it. temp. signs