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  1. New wrap on shop van

    Nice work, I like it
  2. Reflective Vinyl

    They make Busch Light?
  3. Reflective Vinyl

    What Gino said.
  4. Reflective Vinyl

    Rivets/Layers... Id go with the 5mil... but thats just me.
  5. Something I wanted to share. Dan Antonelli and ProWraps project.

    Outstanding, I would expect no less from either of you :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  6. Oh Boy! Do I need a new Head?

    Yeah, thats your very first post here?? dont get me wrong, but you might introduce yourself first.. Just saying.
  7. Jeans Wrap

    Nice job
  8. Dave Drane...

    Godspeed my brother. We'll see each other again. My prayers to those youve left behind. LRHB JD-SPS HMMC.
  9. I just threw up in my mouth a little

    Someone should extricate that vehicle from that idiot, such a tragic and abusive thing to do to one of Americas true automotive marvels
  10. card layout

    Cant read it.
  11. Recent Work

    I tried to impress upon them the aesthetic value of lining up the wagon wheels, and of course maybe shrinking the logo a bit so the tag line wouldnt be cut off, I got vetoed. So there you have it, give them what they want.
  12. Recent Work

    I cant take credit for the logo, or the background choice. I did have a hand in laying it out.. and of course the install This lady is making a killing off these things.. we are in the wrong business....
  13. Recent Work

  14. Awesome Building Wrap!

    Very cool stuff right there..
  15. Jesse KILLS IT

    The "Chopper" thing is over once again, just like the 70's the fad came and went. As much as I like Jesse James, because he is a true old school builder, Im going with Jr. on this one. The new craze in the industry are Baggers and Bobbers, Choppers are dead for at least another 30 years until...
  16. Which one?

  17. Pricing Wraps

    Listen to Gino, he knows what he's talking about... at least as far as this is concerned... Luv ya Gino!!
  18. WOW, as in WOW, ever have a gun pulled during a job interview????

    Bigdawg, You are the best!, I f@ckin love that answer!