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  1. Help connecting 115 to computer

    I bought the HP 115 3 years ago. I connected it to my computer through my internet providers router. Recently I switched to a different internet provider and now I cannot remember how to make the connection. Also, is it possible to connect the printer directly to the computer?
  2. Colors way off

    I know the colors on the computer screen do not match the printed colors exactly, but they are normally pretty close. All of a sudden there is a huge difference. I printed gray signs last month and now when I print the same file they come out light green. I had to adjust the color on the...
  3. Help My Finecut disappeared

    FIxed it. I was able to reinstall the program/
  4. Help My Finecut disappeared

    I opened Corel today and my Finecut 9 plugin is gone.
  5. Measuring app?

    Does anyone know of an android app that can measure signs? I want to be able to measure pole and wall signs without climbing a ladder. Does not have to be a perfect measurement, just close enough to proved a quote.
  6. COmpatible blades?

    I seem to remember that Summa cutters uses the same blade as another model. I thought it was Graphtec. Does anyone know of a compatible blade?
  7. Crayon Post for post & panel sign

    I have customer who owns a day care and they want a post and panel sign, but he wants the post to look like a giant crayon. I have seen these around. Does anyone know who can fabric them or how to make them?
  8. Help with this one please

    That's it. Thanks.
  9. Help with this one please

    Help with this one please
  10. juan45215

    Hey. I just read your post from a couple of years ago that your Mimaki could not find the...

    Hey. I just read your post from a couple of years ago that your Mimaki could not find the second registration mark. I'm having the same issue and was wondering if you came up with a solution.
  11. Price of Mimaki Finecut

    Does anyone know how much Mimaki charges for FineCut corel version? I tried to contact Mimaki, but I couldn't get through.
  12. Remove UV print?

    Thanks everybody. The razor worked great. Saved me a hundred bucks.
  13. Remove UV print?

    I had a contract printer print a design on to a white acrylc substrate with a flatbed printer. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the wrong design. Is feasible to remove the image and reuse the substrate or do I have to throw it away?
  14. Suggestions Connecting Mimaki cutter to Vinylmaster

    Windows 10. I am connecting through a usb port.
  15. Suggestions Connecting Mimaki cutter to Vinylmaster

    I bought a used Mimaki CG-75ML. I'm trying to connect it to Vinlymaster Cut. When I try to connect the software to the Mimaki it says unable to detect your device. I downloaded the drivers from Mimaki's website. I wonder if those drives are still compatible with this older machine.
  16. Suggestions Sample signs

    Yes. When I first started there was a company that wholesaled carved signs. The sold these as a sample to display in our shops. I cannot remember the name of the company.
  17. Suggestions Sample signs

    I had one of these years ago. I have missed placed it and I cannot remember where I got it from. Does anyone know how to get these.
  18. Need Help Software for Mimaki CG-75ML Vinyl Cutter

    Does anyone know if you can use Graphtec's Cutting Master and Coreldraw with a Mimaki CG-75ML Vinyl Cutter?
  19. Can't open Corel

    When I try to open CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018, I get a prompt asking if I want to allow this app to make changes to your system. Weather I answer yes or no I get the following error message. Unable to load VGCore.dll error code : 1114