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  1. Striping Vendors? (Gregory Alternative)

    We do, but need a full roll cut down and taped. Looking for a vendor that can cut, tape and ship 50yd rolls of striping with no breaks.
  2. Striping Vendors? (Gregory Alternative)

    Here’s why we’re looking for. Total 250 l/f
  3. Striping Vendors? (Gregory Alternative)

    Anyone have any recommendations for a striping vendor for etched film/vinyl? Gregory quoted something for us but is having issues with something that is seemingly simple.
  4. Looking for 1" router or laser cut letters in a hurry!

    Hello - I have a rushed project that normally would go to Gemini, but not working with their turn around. We need 7 letters cut from 1" clear or white acrylic (we're painting) in our hands by 11/16 - we're in the New York City area. Can anyone help? email Nick at info@hudsonsignco.com and I'll...
  5. Wrap Installers Wanted - NY metro area

    Still looking! We have work for 9/29 in Ossining, NY. Full wrap 2014 Transit connect.
  6. Wrap Installers Wanted - NY metro area

    Hello! - We are looking to start an ongoing relationship with a freelance vinyl wrap installer we can send to job site to wrap vehicles and some interior graphics. We do have a project (short notice) on 9/15 that was booked for another installer but has dropped out. Please contact me if...
  7. Print - Cut Laminate - Mutoh 1324

    For Sale Mutoh Valuejet 1324 Mutoh Valuecut SC 1300 GFP 60 Heat Assist Laminator Valuejet is 2.5 years old. All nozzles fire. Recent new maintenance station. Laminator is brand new. Only had about 10 rolls of laminate ran through it. LAMINATOR - $3500 PRINTER $4500 PLOTTER $2000 Located...
  8. Valuejet Combo and Laminator for sale

    Mutoh Valuejet 1324 & valuecut bundle: $11,500 GFP 63" heat assist laminator - Very new.Has been used for 5-10 rolls of laminate at most. $5,500 Willing to deliver within 1 hour of Westchester County NY
  9. Directory System - Anyone recognize this?

    What helps our case even more is whoever installed those used the standard indoor foam tape and they are literally coming off the wall haha! What is wrong with people!!!
  10. Directory System - Anyone recognize this?

    This was our initial approach as we've recently converted 6 of their properties to digital directories. They just purchased this directory 6 months ago and can't justify throwing it out. Just had a meeting with them. They may end up tossing this one lol!
  11. Directory System - Anyone recognize this?

    Good customer is asking us to replace one strip in this board. Nothing we've ever seen before. Any help is appreciated. Letters are screened on FYI!
  12. 1324 service manual of Maint station instructions

    Came in this morning and nozzle check shows 100% perfect! I'm at a loss lol.
  13. 1324 service manual of Maint station instructions

    Consecutive nozzle checks. Did the bottom one, then immediately did 2 and 3. Just before this it finished printing nice solid blocks of CMYK, then after nozzle check it's printing garbage.
  14. 1324 service manual of Maint station instructions

    If I print a long run the nozzles clean out. But then the moment it's parked for a minute or so nozzles die and colors are muddy
  15. 1324 service manual of Maint station instructions

    OK replaced maintenance station. Now loosing nosels left and right. And after a cleaning seems like colors are all turning black. Not sure if it was from the head sitting too long while I did the replacement. Ink is pumping through during cleanings. Spit pad seems excessively wet though. I...
  16. 1324 service manual of Maint station instructions

    Awesome thanks for the advice!