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  1. Help

    We have a mimaki jv3-130. It sat for a while due to surgery. When i do my test print, it looks good. I did an #test print which looks pretty good. When I try to print a cyan rectangle the print quality is horrible. I'm using 3651. The vinyl is clean. Thanks so much!
  2. JV3-130SP new ink reads near end

    Our magenta has done this on our last 4 cartridges. We're getting really aggravated. Would love to get some answers also.
  3. Mimaki Screen Is Blank

    One of the cables that go into the head must have been bad. It booted up after we replaced it. Thanks
  4. smeared looking print on reflective

    We use gloves and wipe it down with alcohol.
  5. Mimaki Screen Is Blank

    We got that problem fixed
  6. Mimaki Screen Is Blank

    Tonight our mimaki JV3-130 had a bad test print. We turned it off and changed a damper. When we went to turn it back on, the green light came on but the screen was blank. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any information. Kim
  7. smeared looking print on reflective

    No, this isn't a regular print job for us. We're only having the issue on the reflective. We've recently replaced all 4 heads and the capping station. It seems to have started after that. Thanks again for all the input. We're still working through all the suggestions and figuring out how to...
  8. smeared looking print on reflective

    Thank for all your information. I appreciate it. We're a VERY small company that works out of our garage. We didn't get even a day's worth of training when we bought our machine several years ago. Everything we know, we've learned on our own through our manual, google or signs101. We...
  9. smeared looking print on reflective

    We're trying for brown. I've never had to change the media advance. Is that in the user manual? Thank you!
  10. smeared looking print on reflective

    We haven't changed any profiles. Thank you!
  11. smeared looking print on reflective

    The last couple of times we've tried to print on 5600 white reflective, the print looks "smeared". We have a mimaki jv3. Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. Casey from Advantage

    I knew he didn't work there anymore. Just hoping he still gets on signs101.
  13. splattering print/overspray

    Thank you!
  14. Casey from Advantage

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm looking to find Casey that used to work at Advantage. He was always really helpful, and I have a few questions for him. Thanks in advance! Kim Cockerham - Cockerham's Signs & Graphics.
  15. splattering print/overspray

    Thank you very much for your help. Now we're getting an error 07 Head (--**----). I think we're to the point of trying to find someone to service it. Thanks again!!! Kim
  16. splattering print/overspray

    Using Oracal 3651. We purchased the printer, brand new, around 2007. We've had a few minor head strikes. We have one head ordered. I've attached three prints we did last night. Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!
  17. splattering print/overspray

    Can anyone tell help me with my Mimaki JV3 - 130? For some reason the black has overspray. Sometimes as far as an inch. Thanks in advance! Kim
  18. one magenta not printing

    Yes. We've switched those. Thanks!
  19. Mimaki Tech Support

    Looking for tech support for our JV3 in Indiana. Thanks!
  20. one magenta not printing

    We changed the cable and still have the same problem. Can someone give me the name of a good tech in Indiana? Thanks