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  1. Mimaki JFX500-2131 ?

    Anyone here using or have any experience with the the Mimaki JFX500 flatbed printer. Good or bad? I can't seem to find a lot of end user info on it. Buying one and just want to see if there have been any reported issues with it. Muchaso Gracias
  2. Great New Product I Discovered Yesterday

    So yesterday we went out to install a sign set on two 4"X 4" posts. Brought four 60lb back of Sacrete to set them in. My client and attorney said hey, instead of using concrete, give this new product a try to use on his sign. He and some business partners had just secured the North America...
  3. The Man Cave project

    Thanks for the suggestions. Completely agree, but the ping pong table was a quicky with shop scraps. If I were to make another one, your versions would definitely have been better. This project is not so much a hardcore true to form steampunk endeavor but more of a feel and vibe. I still have...
  4. The Man Cave project

    Finished the steampunk ping pong table a few months ago. On to the next piece of the puzzle.
  5. Need Help Big time newbie starting business making magnetic signs

    Mags are easy. Charge between $24.95 and $250.00 a pair. Warn the customer that they will destroy the paint on their vehicle if they don't take them off regularly and clean both the back of the mags and the vehicle. Contour cut with an exacto blade if need be.
  6. What is the interior color of your office?

    Black and blue with colors on the walls
  7. Dream desk...show me yours

    If I was going to stay in business for a longer period, I'd design and build something similar to this but with my original take on it.
  8. Help redesigning our logo

    Have to agree. It's very disjointed and has a dated feel to it.
  9. Just for fun and stocking stuffing

    What a beautiful sign!
  10. Advice on mounting a 60" diameter HDU circular sign on a stucco wall?

    You need to know what is behind the paint and stucco first. Wood, Block, Metal?
  11. phone solicitor harrassment

    I use it for therapy. As soon as they say the first word I cut them off and explain to them I need a credit card number before discussing anything with them. You have to talk faster than they do so they can't get a word in. I explain that my hourly rate is $100 per hour and I'll be happy to run...
  12. Need advice for a new laser cut machine

    Do your research. I've read about complaints on the full spectrum machines, check into rabbit laser. Good support. That's where I bought mine.
  13. Can I do it all? Signs, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vehicle Graphics?

    As a forty year veteran who started the old fashioned way, paints and brushes. I'm in business to make money any way I can. The more I have to offer the more I can sell. It comes down to equipment and personnel. My role is to delegate, run the business and marketing side, and I personally handle...
  14. starting out

    I can't count the number of times Rick has generously offered his exceptional design skills to help others on th site. He's far more helpful than I am these days
  15. starting out

    I've seen a lot of Ricks work, and he makes me look like a beginner. He knows more about design fundamentals than I can hope to learn in the rest of my lifetime. You have no idea how silly you are making yourself look here among the many who know and respect Ricks wisdom and talent. You will...
  16. starting out

    Thank you Rick. I wanted to post that same link but was to lazy to put forth the effort required :) I've kind of given up trying to help those in need. I admire your perseverance and dedication to help those that are graphically challenged. You are a valuable asset to the design community...
  17. Race Trailer Wrap. Give me your thoughts

    Forty one years full time designer of signs, and the greatest pleasure I get these days is firing clients who think they know better than me...
  18. starting out

    Your optical orb is lacking the ability to perceive the subtle distinctions that relate to the visual and graphic compositional elements that make up a good design.
  19. For those that still "Hand Letter", or those that are aspiring to...

    What a beauty that is!!! Love everything about it. All the details really pull you into it. Outstanding work:rock-n-roll:
  20. The Man Cave project

    I found some at Lamps Plus and ordered them yesterday! Man cave night was last night and the new light really made a huge difference playing on the new table. Mission accomplished, so now on to the next project :)