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  1. Cut line in illustrator for VersaWorks

    I think I got it all figured out. They still swear it is not on there. The file I uploaded on here was the file they sent back to me saying it wasn't. They are supposed to get them done and have it back to me soon. Hopefully before they are needed (Thursday). This is one reason I need to...
  2. Cut line in illustrator for VersaWorks

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Cut line in illustrator for VersaWorks

    So if I made it the color purple and made it a spot color, would that work?
  4. Cut line in illustrator for VersaWorks

    I sent off a design to a printer I have used in the past. Made sure that they knew it needed to have a contour cut. They asked me to have a contour line on in a separate layer for them to use. I received the decals today and there is no contour cut around the design. When I sent the...
  5. Font Help Please

    Thanks J Hill
  6. Font Help Please

    I know I have used it before, but I can not figure the name of it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Admit it, you know you've used it!!!!

    HAHA I got an email from the wife of a client of mine. This is what she sent wanting on their new shirts. She said she can send me the file to make it easier.
  8. Fantasy Football

    Auto pick ended up doing pretty well for me. At least it looks good on paper. Couldn't do the draft this year. My mom had a major heart attack Saturday morning. Forgot about the draft after that. Usually for me anyway, I over think these drafts and then overlook who is available and miss...
  9. Fantasy Football

    I'm in. Just sent you the money.
  10. What's your planned schedule for the 4th?

    Supposed to be playing in a Golf Tournament Thursday, but not sure it is going to happen now.
  11. Not what I wanted to see last night.

    Not sure how many have heard or seen about the fires in Arizona. There is a fire about 10 miles out of town from where I live in Hualapai Mountins. The Dean Peak Fire. My parents live in the mountains and other family up there have already been evacuated. I was staying up there, since they...
  12. Vintage Cheerleader font?

    What would you consider a "vintage cheerleader" font? I was thinking like ballpark or something similar. They don't want a collegiate style font for Spiritline. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Lightweight wrought iron hangers.

    Thanks.. Just looked them up and was on the same page as you posted.
  14. Lightweight wrought iron hangers.

    I have a client that wants to add some interior signs for their restaurant. It is an Tuscan themed place and they want to have some hangers that are not heavy but still look like they are wrought iron. He already has the sign blanks which are kind of like a foam board with a molded edge to...
  15. Font Help Please

    Wow, I didnt even see Tiki's post. I think I got it now. Thanks Tiki and J Hill
  16. Font Help Please

    What throws me off is the "o" and "s". None seem to fit what they have. It drives me nuts that businesses dont have there logos on file or know what fonts that are used. I think I am just going to use the F from one font and the rest from another font to get as close as I can. I hate...
  17. Font Help Please

    I am sick and cant think straight at the moment so any help is appreciated. Need the Federico's font. I know it is simple but my feels like it is in the clouds and I cant think. Thanks.
  18. I think Staples knows more about my printing habits more than me.

    I go threw a toner cartridge every 5-6 weeks. I always want to plan ahead and order some online at a better price. Never do. I get emails from staples all the time about this and that. Today I got an email just after 12 saying: "Time to restock your Brother TN-420 Black Toner Cartridge"...
  19. Illustrator gurus.... UNITE!

    Thanks Aklaim!! I couldnt remember the command or what it was called.
  20. Illustrator gurus.... UNITE!

    I have a contractor here doing some work on the place and he accidentally turned off the wrong breaker to the shop area. Battery backups go on. Everything autosaves. Computers shut down. Now that I am back up and running, I open the file I was working on and all the colors are gone. Just...