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  1. Design off 5... The Entries

    Except #2 - not laid out on the vehicle #4 - did not use the client's phone number.
  2. Mimaki Cutter SUCKS!

    We call that a picnic error. Problem In Chair Not In Computer
  3. WHERE can I find this Tire/Wheel

    I did it in 5 seconds.
  4. WHERE can I find this Tire/Wheel

    The image is large and clean. You can vectorize it in Flexi. Bitmap > Vectorize > Bezier and ta-tah!
  5. New guy!!!

    Somebody did.
  6. How to make a screen in Illustrator?

    If you are using a PMS color, you should use percentages of that color rather than transparencies.
  7. Arcing Objects over text

    Yeah, but they are not spaced evenly...close, but not quite.
  8. Printouts

    Check your manual.
  9. Print to Cut, and actually cutting correctly.

    I think I have read through those directions half a dozen times and have yet to make any sense of it.
  10. What gets you to the shop and back?

    2006 Hhr
  11. Photoshop "Chrome" effect plugins????

    Get Scott Kelby's book Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks.
  12. Help with Font ID...please?

    Found it! http://www.dafont.com/anvil.font
  13. Design Central resizing

    Problem solved. Resetting preferences worked. Thanks DRamm 76.
  14. Design Central resizing

    I'll try resetting my preferences, but I don't think I want to reload the program unless I absolutely have to.
  15. Design Central resizing

    Here is a better look at the pallets. The right side is cut off. You'd think that you could just click & drag to resize, but that doesn't work.
  16. Design Central resizing

    Tech support is more useless then the manual. Thanks, though.
  17. Design Central resizing

    I had to do the same and that's when the problem started.
  18. Design Central resizing

    The question isn't about moving it. I can put it in the middle of the screen if I wanted to. I need to resize it so that all of the controls are visible/usable.
  19. Design Central resizing

    I just got a new monitor, 22" widescreen. Now Design Central is cut off on the right side. Is there a way to resize the pallet? It doesn't seem to work like any of the other pallets.