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  1. Anyone here have the Jv5? Thoughts on it?

    I completely agree. I was not insinuating anything by this post. I have never seen a JV5 in production, never demoed one, etc so I have no idea what they're like. I just found it interesting when I came across the post, that's all. :smile:
  2. Anyone here have the Jv5? Thoughts on it?

    Came across this on Sign Web about the JV5.... http://signweb.com/stmg/forum/viewtopic.php?t=61448
  3. Heads Dried out on my Roland Sol Jet

    I recommend the head soak first. After you've done a few strong cleanings, if there's still no or little flow, take some lint free cloths or coffee filters (cloths preferred), soak them in cleaning solution and set them in the capping station. Park the heads of the cloths and let it soak for 60...
  4. Flexi 8.5 for Mac now available

    Mine got in today, so will install it tonight and test it this week on our Mutoh, HP, and Graphtec. I'm sure like any new software there will be glitches, but how bad, we'll see. More info to come!
  5. Anyone using Eleven Ten Color Inks?

    Got a request from a customer on these inks for a ValueJet. Any insight would be great as I have never heard of them...
  6. Hello

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Hello...all is Swell

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!
  8. Jus' a little hello from Utah

    Welcome from Seattle!
  9. Falcon II media size?

    You either need to turn the media initial off and manually enter the size or center the roll if possible on the spindle so it reads the media sensor. Not sure if the Falcon has the same characteristics as the ValueJet, but on the 64" or 98" ValueJet, you have to center a 30" or less roll on the...
  10. My first post!

    Welcome aboard.
  11. A good deal?

    I want to say a big thanks to Matt @ Advantage Sign Supply. He emailed me a few days back and advised me that the package that he was quoted from 3 other dealers was list and that Advantage could be more competitive and had some other solutions for him which Art Unica could not provide if I was...
  12. Flexi 8.5 for Mac now available

    I'm looking forward to it. I'd rather go in the field and do all my demos on my Mac. It never crashes, it's unbelievably stable and fast, and just might make my job easier!
  13. Flexi 8.5 for Mac now available

    Just got an email from SAi on this. Pretty cool! Just got a demo copy ordered for me, very interested to see how it works. http://www.flexi85.com/
  14. HP Scitex fb7500 flatbed

    very nice!
  15. A good deal?

    Thank you! That's the type of response I was hoping for. While I don't feel it's the ideal setup, that's not for me to decide. It's his business and his money, I just want to help him make an informed and comfortable decision. That is all I needed, thank you!
  16. A good deal?

    Why would you think it's not a real situation? Some people have $$$ stuck in their head, and even though I know it would be better to find the additional $4K, some people are price sensitive and won't pull the trigger regardless of how compelling of an argument you make. I personally think the...
  17. A good deal?

    OK, cool. Thanks everyone. I'll just give him Rep's info and see what he does. Thanks for the input!