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  1. Shovelhead

    Gonna miss Al, He could make friends with people who did not agree with him one iota. Al loved typography, and that was a strong bond, even more than our shared views on politics. Won't be good times for a while... Just saddened.
  2. Let's get this party started!

    I do it all the time... with local, regional and national vendors... the thing is you have to make the files correct and ready to fly... you do the leg work they appreciate that and usually don't consider you competition.
  3. Let's get this party started!

    I am in the same line of work as you. What you need to do is get actual signs sold, but have a sign shop be your contractor. You will make mistakes, but they will be recoverable, buying the wrong equipment might not be. Look at the small format Roland 20" printer...
  4. Prepping Clients Mentally - Avoiding problems

    It goes as low as fonts... spent my whole life, loving, learning, working them... to come up with strong visual identity for people so they can differentiate themselves from the crowd. What do they come back with.... Garamond Avant Garde... but they come in wanting to be different, yet they...
  5. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to one and all.
  6. Shooting at sign shop - 5 dead

    Right on target.
  7. Old Timer PC600 Print Cut

  8. I,m back. not that anyone will remember!

    Jhilldesigns hates being called a gal, btw! Welcome back from CT!
  9. Coming out

    Welcome from CT, where it feels like Nashville!
  10. Iphone 4s or Samsung galaxy s3

    A couple months back the IT guy at work said he had both an iphone and an ice cream sandwich, and he said he really liked the droid. I asked him a couple weeks back and he said "Ipone" hands down better. My wife has an older iphone and it works great. Either way, when you think of it, it is...
  11. New Church Logo

    A lamp to the feet of youth - tagline
  12. Shovelhead Show on FB

    Yup Miss it.
  13. Shovelhead Show on FB

    Al is filterless!!!! His political rants are second only to his self love posts (UGGGHH) Hahahhahaha
  14. font masters

    I use font recognition software T I K I B O Y Z Its the bomb :)
  15. Box thing around objects gone in ai cs3

    You have to open it up and get rid of the box, its just an annoying habit of Illustrator.
  16. Not political..........................

    Love it!
  17. Business Cards with Raised Lettering

    Business Cards Express in Cheshire CT, they are great!
  18. Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees passes

    No, One is still alive, Barry, I believe.
  19. Dell doesn't allow customization anymore?

    Buy workstations, they have far less crap on them. Period.
  20. Just Got a big job

    Since it is so big a run, you can get dot to dot proofs made. You can send along your samples to the serious bidders so they can nail down any color issues for you. I see it done all the time. The time away from the rest of your business could be a real detriment. You can sub out and if they...