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  1. Need Help Graphtec FC8600 60" with Flexi 12

    I just jut purchased a used FC 8600 to replace our aging FC7000. I thought it would be pretty simple to get things working since I'd been using the 7000 for many years. However, I can't get it to contour cut around printed graphics. I have the ARMS settings for TYPE 2 which is the same as I had...
  2. Hey Fellers and Montroy.

    +1 for Advantage Sign Supply +1 on Oracal through Advantage Sign Supply. I can't vouch that they never sell to the public, (I think most suppliers will now -- if people can find them) but I've never seen any marketing to the public by Advantage. They are very honest and helpful.They have...
  3. Another hand carved HDU sign. (with gilding)

    That is a proud addition to your already exceptional portfolio. Great work!
  4. Removing back windows on van before installing window perf

    Is it "easy" to remove the rear van windows for perf installation. They have 4 caps on each window. Not sure if any tools are needed. Or is it easier to exacto cut around the caps and not remove, which is how I've done it before. Its a Ford E-250 van, 2013 I think. Thanks for any help!
  5. My Logo

    Nice use of a ribbon (fire hose) style font John! That could be a very unique.. and cool logo if developed.
  6. Have you seen this driving down the road?

    Driverless, steering by Google.
  7. HP 26500 Media Doesnt Exist?? WTF?!

    Thanks for posting this. May need it someday.... Was HP no help because you were out of warranty? They've been helpful when I have called - but I was under warranty at he time.
  8. Customer turned "competitor"

    Nice scraggly 2x4 posts~ As far as your "buddy" -- this will be happening more and more. You will still have a huge advantage if you've been in business for a while and have a fairly loyal customer base. Compete with value, not price.
  9. Is it "Welcome to the Jungle?

    Nice intro! Welcome from California.
  10. HP DesignJet 9000 windows 7 driver

    For our 9000 we use a XP machine for RIP and we design on W7 computers. I stopped looking for another solution long ago. We will be changing out printers soon anyway.
  11. 67............TODAY......... or 2.....

    I remember that dramatic (and miraculous) week very well. Hard to believe it's already been 2 years! Happy birthday OP :thumb:.
  12. Shop Truck Wrap

    agreed. I don't like the diamond plate either.
  13. Outdoor banner stand

    PVC pipe with "L" and "T" joints. A radio station actually "paid" for a banner?!
  14. dan antonelli...my resume sir!

    :doh: :Big Laugh
  15. partial wrap!

    Looks good!
  16. My first business window job!

    I still remember my first window job -- over 22 years ago -- I had to do it 3 times. Congrats on good first job!
  17. Rough logo ideas for catering company.

    Jillbeans -- I lost track of which one I liked the best but I did want to say that most all of your designs looked good. #2 in post 13 is great.:thumb: Gino -- The design your customer loves is definitely crapola but I am impressed with what you were able to get for it. Especially if $600 was...
  18. Pretty Cool Quote

    Good quote, good post. Good Luck!
  19. I'm furious