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  1. need font id.

    http://www.houseind.com/fonts/movements House Movements Sign
  2. Font Help Please

    It looks like HTF Knockout full featherweight, but it's not a perfect match
  3. Font ID, please

  4. Font ID... combination of fonts?

    Campanile http://www.dafont.com/campanile.font
  5. Font Help

    Helvetica heavy
  6. Font ID

  7. Classroom Design Challenge open to all

    Lots of good layouts.Here are a couple basic ones
  8. Font help please

    More than likely it's one of the typewriter fonts but there are so many that finding the exact grunge would be a task http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=113&page=2&text=M
  9. Before & after

    That's some good looking lettering
  10. Logo Opinions

    I like John's idea with the NSD and Designs under it.
  11. Let me have it both barrels please

    for a minute
  12. Retro HVAC logo and Ribbon Script Effect

    I didn't mean to sound harsh with my criticism of your script, just implying that it looks more like a pencil script than a ribbon script, legibility is really not an issue with either style
  13. X6 Install window?

    WELL if you want everyone to hold your hand over a simple software download, the program launches when you have VERDANA font loaded with the software, which should load automatically with a registered version, If it doesn't load, install VERDANA,
  14. Retro HVAC logo and Ribbon Script Effect

    Nice looking pencil script , but you should go back to the drawing board for an authentic ribbon script
  15. Rough logo ideas for catering company.

    an Alf Becker style script looks fairly good for a hard to read name
  16. Rough logo ideas for catering company.

    Another variation on the script
  17. Corel x6 Sneak Peak

    There's quite a bit of benefits with corporate licensing with Corel. I'm sure Steve C. will be happy that they now have some of the OpenType® capabilities and it's a decent upgrade from any previous version.
  18. help applying chrome

    The wind blew it off when he took off from your shop, because it was still wet
  19. T-Shirt Co. logo

    I would be tempted to use Bleeping cowboys for t-shirts, but I've got nothing to do tonight but mess around