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  1. Jesse Hill - J Hill Designs- needs your thoughts and prayers

    Thank you all Hey guys my name is Mike, I am new here at first impressions signs and kinda helping everything along while Jesse is out. From all of us over here we just want to say thank you so much for all of the support. We appreciate it immensely, Jesse is a great guy and we are all hoping...
  2. Installing 4 x 8 outdoor sign

    same. I also don't go as heavy duty as lead anchors with a lightweight dibond sign i've used 1.5" angle aluminum glued to sign with LORDS (and a few countersunk screws for good measure) then clips on wall
  3. HP Designjet Z2100 44" Color Sensor Issue

    looks like alignment is extremely out of whack
  4. A little font ID help please

    Captain Howdy (Regular)
  5. solid brushed silver material for base of sign

    yeah don't get me wrong. it has its place, and actually looks pretty durned cool on cars (theres a range rover with the black brushed around here that looks tits) but its def. not a replacement.
  6. solid brushed silver material for base of sign

    I got a sample of 1080 brushed in yesterday (was going to propose the same thing) and it looks ****-poor in comparison to actual brushed aluminum (or even the faux ACM)
  7. from BMYK to CMYK inks

    what RIP does it use? is it possible to load new CMYK profiles? I would imagine if its set to a BMYK profile it wouldn't have the option to change to CMYK
  8. from BMYK to CMYK inks

    so the RIP was still set to CMYK but had custom profiles to use B instead? ugh.
  9. Font Help Please

    Pentagon (Regular)
  10. Oracal cobalt blue to PMS match?

    best to have your own color charts on hand, so that you can only blame yourself if the color is off :smile:
  11. Font help please?

    possibly Salaryman (Regular)
  12. Font Help Please

    Forgotten Futurist
  13. Best way to do this?

    I wouldn't back it with anything... I've never had an issue with birds lighting on direct-mounted neon, its usually a bit too close to the wall for their fancy.
  14. Best way to do this?

    well, 1/2" IS perfect width for neon (12 or 13 mm) but yes, I'm pretty sure the glow of the neon will compromise the (I'm assuming by back lit you mean Halo) of the cast letters.
  15. Font Help Please

    lol have you actually looked at impact?
  16. Pounce???

    pounce: draw/pen plot design create 'pounce' pattern with electro pounce or pounce wheel (makes holes in pattern) use pounce powder (charcoal/talc, like a chalk line) to transfer design to substrate paint project: use overhead projector and draw on substrate following projection grid: create...
  17. Gerber Edge 1 - "Home" feature? (Been using an Edge 2

    I have 2 classic edges, and I've never known of a 'home' button
  18. Hello from PA

    welcome from cali :thumb:
  19. font ID

    lol customer shopping around?