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  1. Screen Printing room question?

    When we brought the screen printing in house (dec 09), we had the printing press inside our vinyl department. Worked out just fine because we keep it clean, & its a large room (30'x60'). Best thing I ever did was buy that screen printer, its taken off like a rocket, I know have a full time...
  2. A Fun Little Fleet

    Nice work!
  3. The Money Man Logo

    Top one, nice work!
  4. Another one from Mass

    Welcome from Ma, right down the street...just checked out your site. Wow! You guys do some crazy $hit!
  5. United States, Massachusetts - Pepperell

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? United States In what state or province are you located? Massachusetts In what city or town are you located? Pepperell What large city is nearest you? Boston Check all items that apply to your listingInstallations (Basic, no...
  6. Oracal 3164 gloss + Flexia = profile? HELP!
  7. Horizontal-vs-vertical panels

  8. Thumbs Up - Franken Signs

    Just want drop a line and thank Biff @ Franken Signs I sent 3 embroidery jobs to him last week and received them today, they all came out great! I recommend Franken Signs to anyone in need of outsourcing embroidery work or any service they provide. :thumb: Nice work
  9. Recent wrap

    AND THAT'S THAT. Haha...that pretty much sums it up right there. Great advice.
  10. Recent wrap

    Great post Dan, I totally agree and try to live by that....but it is easier said than done...not to make excuses but we have all run into those customers who just want what they want... I have turn down jobs because I just couldn't bring myself to do what they wanted...and turning down $$$ is...
  11. How would you duplicate this Technique/Filter?

    That worn (grainy look) looks to me like a just an old paper type image you could get from istock. The faded burst could easily be done with a faded layer mask and some tweaks on the transparency levels.
  12. Will the real DeSoto please stand up.....

    Welcome from MA. :popcorn:
  13. Hello from the world of Road Rage

    $ donation....worth every penny... O the way, I hate Avery.
  14. Hello from the world of Road Rage

    Welcome roadrage...seen your stuff for awhile in the mags....real deal do nice work...good to have you here, this is a great site, full of knowledgeable people, take it for what it is....
  15. What plugin is good for turning photos to oil painting?

    did you try some of the stock filters that come w/PS? there are a few in the artistic filters that I have had good luck with...just got to tweak it a bit
  16. Versa Works Contour Cut is Driving Me Crazy!

    Also make sure the stroke is set to the center and that the weight is .25
  17. 08 RMZ450 Template??

    Do a search on this site, Flame posted a list of all the templates he has available
  18. What brand vinyl do you use?

    Mostly all Oracal
  19. Design-Off #4 VOTING Take 2

    I think some people are taking this a little more serious than I did. This was just for fun and thats what I did, had fun...I don't think its necessary to get all technical with this. Evey one is saying that my entry would not work if it was D/F. And you are all would look like...
  20. Hi everyone, here from Fitchburg, MA

    Welcome, from right down the street in Pepperell, MA