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  1. This one is probibly simple, but im unsure

    Palatino Linotype is close enough for me, thanks
  2. This one is probibly simple, but im unsure

    I have checked with what the font, with no luck. I know its easy, but I can't seem to place it. Thanks in advance Glen
  3. Graphtec CE2000-60 question

    I am using a Graphtec CE2000-60 at my new place of work, and there is no manual for this thing. I need to know what settings to make to correct the sloppy cutting this thing is doing on the letters. Instead of coming out with sharp and crisp corners and straight lines, they are slightly...
  4. CoCut & Roland PNC-1000 Question

    Other than figuring out the layout and how not to waste material, I tested this today and it works like a dream cutting directly out of Illustrator 10.0 Old Paint you are my hero.... Many thanks GLen
  5. CoCut & Roland PNC-1000 Question

    OP When you get the chance, go ahead and email the patch over to me. Let me know if you have trouble getting it through, some servers stop EXE files from going through the mail system for virus reasons. Thanks again Glen
  6. CoCut & Roland PNC-1000 Question

    OP, 7oaks, I completely agree with you, I try to limit my cutting within that size, but there have been a couple times where I was cutting something that was over that size, and the application was such that doing it in 2 pieces and splicing it together would have made the image look like crap...
  7. CoCut & Roland PNC-1000 Question

    I know that the PNC-1000 has a limited cut range, It can only cut up to 62" (or thereabouts). Does CoCut overcome this issue? I have been thinking on buying it, but if I still can only cut 62" at a time, it won't be worth buying it. Currently I am working in Illustrator 10 and cutting with...
  8. Self-taught or tutored in PhotoShop?

    Learned the basics in a trade school back in 1992, the rest was on my own
  9. Can't find this one anywhere

    This is for a personal project, so its not an emergency, I have looked everywhere. I would even settle for something similar that I can tweek. The Halo 3 text "Finish The Fight" Thanks Glen
  10. Calvin being chased by an RC Airplane

    Copyright laws not only cover copying and selling a particular piece of art, design or illustration. It is also against the law to copy it and give it away for free. Changing the artwork a little and passing it off as an original will not hold up in court either, because they will look at the...
  11. Help, Can't Cut Anything

    I was going to mention the cable, but I overlooked the point you made in your post. Nevemind Glen
  12. corel vs. adobe

    I have been using Illustrator since 1992 and perfer it over corel, maybe because I learned on a mac. Just never switched.
  13. Roland pnc-1000

    I have a PNC-1000, does the job good, it is a workhorse, I use Roland Signmate Express to cut, and Illustrator to design. The only drawback is that the Driver for the Plotter will not allow you to cut anything longer than 62 inches long. I think Old Paint told me about this issue, there is a...
  14. Im at a loss with this one

    I trhied What the Font, but no luck. It looks familiar, but I cant peg it. help Thanks Glen
  15. Owner /Employee

    Both I work as a Graphic Designer for a local college and I freelance Sign/Design work on off hours. Hoping to go full time on my own someday. Glen
  16. CA license plates

    Thanks Rhinoz, that works Glen
  17. CA license plates

    Anyone know the font use in the older CA license plates? (state name, letters/#'s) I tried with no luck. Thanks Glen
  18. Poison Font

    Ya, I think its funny when our oldies station plays stuff from the 80's. I say wait a minute, oldies are still Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens.... Glen
  19. Help for a newbie with lots of questions!

    If you are looking to learn Corel via a teaching tool, I suggest going to your local library and seeing what they have for tutorials either on VHS or DVD. Our library out here carries some stuff in that subject. Or you can try these...
  20. Cutter stops cutting after so many feet

    Ok at least I have an answer to the issue. my other question is what genius at Roland decided 62.99" was the limit. I pondering new plotter, new software, etc. anyone want to throw out a good cutter/software combination. I was looking at the FC7000-130, Vinyl Cutter with Flexi Expert Sign...