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  1. SEAL 54 Base Owner's Manual

    Thank you Case, thanks for the quick help. Much appreciated. Bob:U Rock:
  2. SEAL 54 Base Owner's Manual

    I just picked up a used SEAL 54 Base from a guy on Signs 101, but the owner's manual was not included. Does anybody have a link to a PDF owners manual, or know where I can get a digital copy of it? Thanks Bob
  3. Roland Versaart RS 640 or Mutoh VJ 1614

    I tried this in the general printing forum, but did not get much traction on users of the Versaart RS 640. I am leaning towards the Mutoh VJ 1614, since I already have a Mutoh VJ 1204 and love the print and know what it can do. I am just curious to hear from users of the Versaart how it has...
  4. VJ1204 automatic cleaning setup

    Preppie, You keep the machine turned off, and it will automatically turn back on to clean? Will it turn back off when complete? Maybe my problem is that I am leaving the lever up, with the machine turned on, and it will not go into the automatic mode from that condition. Thanks Bob
  5. VJ1204 automatic cleaning setup

    Hello, I have the VJ 1204 and have a few questions on the automatic cleaning setup. I currently have it setup with no media in the machine, with the lever down. The machine goes into the cleaning cycle with no problem. I am concerned that by leaving the lever down, the rollers will be...
  6. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Signrios I am not sure if the "special" is still running in June or not. When I initially started this venture it was in May, so the sales rep held the price for me while I get it figured out. From all accounts I have read and from feedback in the forum, I had better jump on it while the...
  7. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Preppie The HP 5500, IMO, is a great printer; very easy to use, low maintenance, great quality etc. The biggest downfall is that media is more expensive (about 2x per sq ft of eco solvent printers). Anyways, back to your question; it does a great job on banners, posters (assuming you are...
  8. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Thanks Randya, I'm sure the work around will come in handy. I'll keep ya posted, but it will be a few weeks yet before I actually have it delivered (still have not purchased).
  9. PrismJet VJ 1204

    I do think there are alot of very positive points on the VJ 1204; especially the media availablity and speed of printing. I have read other posts about setting uni direction to get the full 48" print width; hopefully that is the case, and just have to find the right setting. Not sure how...
  10. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Flexi Pro comes as part of the package deal; it's the inks cable etc that is extra. I may check into the Onyx support for the VJ, just because I am used to that. Just wish the 1304 had the same price tag; would prefer to have the extra width, but then again my laminator would have to be...
  11. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Thanks Dustin Do you use Flexi with your printer? Just curious how it works for you. I use Onyx on my HP 5500 and have kind of grown accustomed to that; as usual another learning curve. Also, do you print vehicle graphics? If so, how does the 48" printable area work for you? About the...
  12. PrismJet VJ 1204

    Taking a look at the SW special they have on the PrismJet VJ 1204 - 48inch printer. Is this the same machine as the Mutoh Value Jet? From what I can tell it is the same printer, but confused and a little bit hesitant that it does not say Mutoh Value Jet. On a another note, I would primarily...
  13. Hello from Texas

  14. Hello from Tassie

  15. Another Boot

  16. Howdy from Alberta Canada

    Best of luck. Welcome
  17. Forgot to introduce myself.

    Welcome and best of luck to you. I wish I had started at 17 too; you'll love the work. Bob
  18. Greetings Everyone!

    Welcome, I'm still trying to figure out how the embroidery has led to signmaking, but it appears to be very common. Maybe I should check that out. Bob