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  1. Font ID Please

    What font used for Louisiana?
  2. Help cutting Multi-Colors with LXI 6.6V1

    you need to check two boxes inthe cut/plot advanced window, send all colors and pause between colors.
  3. Awesome Site

    Same here
  4. New Member

    Welcome From Denham Springs, Louisiana
  5. Need help with font ID

    Thanks Fred:U Rock:
  6. Need help with font ID

    Thanks SH :U Rock:thanks so much
  7. Need help with font ID

    ok Do I need better pics????
  8. Need help with font ID

    Can anyone help with the fonts below ?
  9. Hi from Northwest Florida

    :Welcome:SouthPaw:Cool 2:
  10. fonts

    Thanks Thanks so Much!!!!!!!!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  11. fonts

    Need help with fonts
  12. Hi From SW Louisiana

    Never had any trouble with them, Always get my order on time.
  13. Hi From SW Louisiana

    Try this They are just north of Baton Rouge.
  14. Hello to all

    I signed up on this board some time ago, and have been reading it every day. So I guess it is time to introduce my self, My name is John and I live in Louisiana. I would like to thank everyone here for teaching me so much, and I have learned lots, so THANKS! I have been doing vinyl signs &...