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  1. Best Tape To Stick Plastic Parts Back Onto My Old Car?

    Not sure what parts you are referring but automotive emblem glue held on individual plastic letters to the fender dKen
  2. Cricut crazies want scraps !

    There are multiple buy and sells on face book in your area. Just join one. Believe me, they will find you Ken
  3. bringing my pnc-1000 back from dead....

    I have a PNC 1000 or 1000A running when I put it away. Free for freight if you want it. Ken
  4. Does anyone recognize these samples?

    Thanks guys, that's what I needed. Ken
  5. Does anyone recognize these samples?

    Does anyone recognize the merchant or vendor of these 2 samples. One is labeled PVC and the other HDU. I cannot locate their information at this time. Thanks Ken
  6. Foam Monument - Recent Install

    Nice work! Who was your vendor? Ken
  7. Need Help Graphtec ce5000-50

    What plug in are you using Ken
  8. cricut over a graphtec!!!

    I I think the blade for the CE5000-60 will fit the CriCut
  9. Signmaking is territorial, and that can hurt

    Have you joined the local Chamber of Commerce? You can reach a lot of people in a very short time and they are usually businesses that need signage. I live in a small community and they support chamber members. Ken
  10. Vinyl To Sand Blast

    You can either use paint mask or orcal 651 as stated above. Use 20 psi to frost an image on a tumber unless you're really going for depth. Ken
  11. New Member Fleur de Tee Designs

    Welcome from Ponchatoula. Howdy neighbor Ken
  12. Hanging HDU Sign Question

    Guys, you're over killing this. 2 ft off the ground. Get 2 eyebolts about 6 inches long. Drill an oversize hole at a slight angle toward center of sign (longer than than the bolt and spray some water in hole, coat eye bolt with gorilla glue, mist the bolt and insert into over sized hole up to...
  13. Name my boat internet site - prices way too low

    I want to see the final application to the hull Ken
  14. Sandblasted Wood Sign

    Lewis Redwood is another supplier of redwood sign blanks. ( Shipping from CA wasn't as bad as I expected. Ken
  15. How Would You Hang This?

    1.5 in double sided will warp. You need some sort of metal around just to prevent this. HDU will warp. Ken
  16. Magnetic glass dry erase panel

    The glass one comes with 2 magnets. Ken
  17. Magnetic glass dry erase panel

    Amazon sells a magnetic glass dry erase board. Who would of thunk it. Ken
  18. Versaworks won't print after windows 10 install

    I downloaded Win 10 and received an error message when I clicked the start button. As a result my user file had to be deleted and a new one created. Needless to say, thank goodness for backup. All files were lost. Only thing I had was the programs. Known problem on Win 10 end. Ken
  19. Need substrate suggestions

    Thanks guys, both ideas are great. Will have to price them out. Ken