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  1. Howdy

    Shelbyville? We in Springfield don't care for YOUR TYPE! Just kidding... we don't like anybody! ;-) Welcome!
  2. Not sure what cutter to get...

    At the prices some folks charge, you could never save enough to justify the purchase of even the cheapest plotter. There's a guy on eBay doing numbers for under $20 and a ton of them for less than $30-35. If your goal is to save money, eBay is the solution. If these prices are "too high" then...
  3. casmate pro allternative

    I believe Inspire XP was a illegal modification of Inspire and they no longer produce it because it was basically theft of someone else's work.
  4. New here...questions

    For the price of a 24" Graphtec, you are not far from a 30" Roland. You can still get some CX-300's at around $2,000. Rolands also come with software to let you cut directly from Corel or Illustrator. Rather than spend money on software, I would spend money on hardware. Welcome.
  5. Hi, everyone!

    Welcome. I originally came from a printing background, mostly continuous forms before signs.
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Nice work... we have several race tracks in the region. I've done two or three cars a year for a while now. Most not that nice.
  7. Howdy From TEXAS :)

    add a couple of beers and that sounds me every Saturday night!
  8. Hello to everyone!

    I have stock 30", 24" and 15" rolls of vinyl for my cutter. Every 15" is a 50 yds. About half of my 24" are 50 yds and half are 10 yds. As for 30"s, only black is 50 yds on a regular basis. You'd be surprised what you can do with a small plotter. Welcome from NY.
  9. Hey from Ohio

    Welcome from NY. I started as a home based business in 1998 as a moonlighter. In nine short years, I've turned this into a somewhat successful business, with less than $15,000 invested. Nothing wrong with being small.
  10. Corel 12 Sizing width of font in inches

    Select text with pointer. Change width and/or height in menu bar. Make sure lock is on to keep proportions right.

    I wouldn't exactly call your prices "wholesale".
  12. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    I have no intention of continuing this silly thread. Feel free to continue without my participation. My only two secrets: Don't use "easy weed" unless absolutely necessary. With banners, this should be rare, as most text is 12-28" tall. If you need a weed box around 12" text, there's something...
  13. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    I answer everything "straight" other project their frustrations into me and that's too bad. Would I like to charge more? Sure. I charge a little more than some folks on Google do. In the past few years I've watched one go from about $4.00 per sq. ft. to $3.00 for 13oz white. I sell 10 oz white...
  14. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    Gino, you seem to know enough already, with that "PhD" and all. What could I a Grammar Schooler possibly teach you? Why would I give someone with such arrogance and sarcasm the time of day? Am I successful? I can pay my bills. I'm hardly rich. I'm satisfied with my business. That's all that...
  15. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    Where is the income $22,000? Scranton? Wilkes Barre? I don't think it is quite that low. Cost of living is a lot lower there too. About 90% of my work comes from a 50-75 mile radius, more to my south and east than north or west. About 10% comes from way beyond the immediate area. Google Cheap...
  16. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    First, try 2 hours from NYC. Try $1 for a coffee. Cheap apartment is about $700. I purchased a 1200 sf home on .25 acres for $90,000 in 1999. Today I could sell it for about twice that, maybe. This house is 78 years old. The median income in my county is $44,000, and this part ain't the good...
  17. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    Learn from me? Other than good spelling and very fast production skills, I apparently have nothing else to offer.
  18. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    OK, please send me your credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers, thanks in advance. Does that make you feel better?
  19. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    Than you proceed to do exactly what you said we shouldn't. Why so hostile? What have I done to you? I'm not looking to butt heads, you are and I'm not really sure why.