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  1. scratch disc

    Is this what you're looking for...
  2. Tried what the font no luck....

    it's called Hurricane. A free font from
  3. Is this able to be traced?

    In flexi, click on the help tab, go to help topics. Then look for "Vectorizing" & "path edit tools". Read up on how to use these tools and then practice. Lots and lots of practice
  4. Text issues in Flexi...

    Thank you Bob, that fixed the issue. It was annoying the heck out of me...
  5. Text issues in Flexi...

    I really need to figure this out... In Flexi 7.6v2, when I type in a line of text everything looks fine. Then I click off and select it again, the text thins out, compresses and adds wide kerning. But the red selection outline shows the original. Then when I "convert to outlines" it will...
  6. Flexi 8 or Onyx

    I've never used Onyx, but I've used a lot of vector software and have to always recommend Flexi as the #1 for production.
  7. Crashed... What should I do ?

    You are talking about program compatibility in the .exe properties. For this, it wont work as the dongle itself won't work with XP but the software will.
  8. Crashed... What should I do ?

    I still don't understand why people like using Casmate with ALL the glitches it has, when flexi will open casmate files and use it's fonts as well. I sent you a private message for a simple fix. check it out....
  9. cutting out an image

    You should give Vertus - fluid mask a try. I love the way it works. It does a perfect job every time. These tutorials will show you how it works.
  10. Underlining text?

    I don't think there is a way in Flexi. I have always just created a long skinny box and placed it where it needs to go. When adding an underline from within the font itself, there is a box created under each letter and if you were to go and cut it, you would have a bunch of unwelded...
  11. need kids font

    I have a couple,
  12. Illy cs

    I find it better to use the "offset stroke" function because "outline stroke" just adds a non-vector stroke (and to make it a vector just makes a mess of the job) while offset path adds a vector path.
  13. Flexi Print and Cut

    The differences between the Pro and Print-N-Cut is you wont have color trace, the job estimation software, no templates, and the ability to use Photoshop plug-ins. You can see the differences from all the Flexi Family here:
  14. Varsity Athletic font help

    It looks to me like you have the right font. Why not, use that one and add an outline to it?
  15. Flexie sign training cd order

    While your waiting you can watch this video on vectorizing: and you can find out a little more about flexi with these other videos:
  16. I feel stupid asking this but...

    the answer to this question is here: Scroll down to my post for the answer. And if the marquee isn't smooth enough then adjust the settings in "Design Central".
  17. Is there a LED font?
  18. Adding a contour cut outline to a photo

    I just answered your questions here: Also a good plug-in for removing backgrounds of .jpgs is, Vertus - Fluid Mask: Check out the tutorials:
  19. Extreme Makeover - The Contest!

    Would I need to add flight costs and shipping charges or just put the average price of what I normally charge for this type of install?
  20. Import/Export .DWG

    You could check and see if could convert them for you, Or there may be another online conversion service out there you could use.