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  1. Items you’ve Wrapped.

    I love all of these and would love to see more... keep them all coming...
  2. Roofies!

    Very beautiful and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Opinions on this set up.

    Fred I believe you are correct in that as well.
  4. Geocaching

    Thats just what I do on the rare occasion that I get out and get moving on it...
  5. Moving Day!

    wow congrats!!! that's a great thing and looking forward to seeing more pics too...
  6. anyone using these with edge FX?

    Fred I assumed although know nothing really of halftones the other stuff i am sooo clueless.... got any recommendations of a graphic from you that would be best to purchase to practice?
  7. anyone using these with edge FX?

    Thanks Fred. What I am thinking of will not be any large format. wrapping or anything. 11.5 is enough. Funny thing is I have had my fx for two years now have the 2nd one and I need to order a set of cmyk foils. Just have not had need until now as long as this is what I need to achieve the...
  8. Hello!

  9. Gerber Edge 2 Data Error

    my edge fx also is locked at 11.8 however if graphic is bigger it prints panels automatic.
  10. anyone using these with edge FX?

    I am sorry for being so lame right now. however I got my edge for a single color reason. I have now gotten a second edge fx and was wonder if the edge can print out these good? I have yet to play with any software settings in 2 years beyond what I needed. Here is example...
  11. I Am not using My FX printer to potential Help

    Thank you both soo very much for sharing and being so very helpful! WOW FRED You have some great work!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
  12. A

    Comment by 'airbrushkarin' in media 'Blue Lagoon Waterfalls'

    WOW! amazing!!! not sure I saw anything remote like this my Edge!!! Thanks for the input!!!
  13. I Am not using My FX printer to potential Help

    Hello all, I am in the middle of a decal contract right now but as I am sitting here and wondering as I go insane looking the same decal and all. What else can be done with this printer had it for 2 years but been stuck doing the same stuff. I would like to get creative and not complicated...
  14. Dongle error

    I got an error like this too with my p2c know it is not the same as a great edge however I found that I solved it by changing to USB2 and not just the USB port. not a problem since I did that.
  15. Gerber P2C Plotter

    Hello. I am a newbie just playig around but I have cut a few 100 yards of viny more then that with My gerber P2C. I love the software Omega is great the manual is the best computer software text I have ever seen or used. As a computer tech working at a college I have a lot of experience with...
  16. I am a virgin

    No really its nice to meet you but no I do not want your snow however living in Buffalo I am getting your snow will all season and the lake effect f good old EIRE!!! LOL Anyways pleasure t hook up here adn hope to see ome of your work and all. :Coffee:
  17. HEY from WNY

    Thanks a lot!!!! yhep I have looked around that site thanks though I will take any and every bit of info and help I can get!!!!!!
  18. HEY from WNY

    You can see my work here Well I am not really good at airbrushing yet however I put in a lot of practice timea and I am working on it if you would like to see it please take head that I am learning. Here is a page you can see some works on. Any helpful tips would be great I have brad...
  19. HEY from WNY

    Hello! I just ran acroos this sight and I am not really a sign maker but I am an airbrusher who just got a vinyl cutter to make masks adn stuff adn was thinking of other ways to play with. Love to hear what all everyone does with the cutter other then just make signs. I believe there is a lot of...