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  1. Can't Identify

    I think i got it I think i got it now. it is futura black, i don't know why i didn't see it, i guess a second eye just does it sometime. slanted it, widened a few letters, converted to curves and rounded some corners and i think thats it. customer wants channel letters on front of building and...
  2. Can't Identify

    Oops oops, sorry
  3. Can't Identify

    Does anyone happen to know what font this is. I can't identify it for the life of me. Best I can come up with is "Incised901 Ndit BT" at 6% skew. Thanks for you help. Tony Greene
  4. Any Inspire 1.6 users out there?

    I use inspire 1.5 on my XP Pro to open some old layouts occassionally
  5. Corel 11 with Gerber Sprint

    if I told you, I couldn't mark it up 10 times and sell it to you later
  6. Corel 11 with Gerber Sprint

    I just acquired an old Gerber Sprint II and as I understand I can hook it to a computer since it has the CADLINK. I have corel draw 11 at home, can this be done? Anyone point me in the right direction?