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  1. Font Identification Assistance

    Got it - Ballista
  2. Font Identification Assistance

    Greetings, I am trying to ID this font for "Skidmore Construction Company" I first thought it was one of the Engravers English fonts, but unfortunately, it wasn't. Anybody have a match? Thanks Mike
  3. Font Identification Assistance

    Well I was stuck between thunderbird and Playbill. Thunderbird appears to be way stretched out, perhaps I can try to squish'em. Playbill does not have the curves that this letter has. still looking
  4. Font Identification Assistance

    I thought this was a western type font that I have used before, but I can't seem to locate it. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Font Identification Assistance

    Thanks Si, I'll look'em up!
  6. Font Identification Assistance

    Greetings, We are making some graphics for the back of a 1927 Fire Truck. The owner has requested that the font we use is a near as possible to the currently aplied lettering. I have been through a ton of fonts and cant seem to find a match. Any ideas?
  7. Font Identification Assistance

    Yes Odecom, it is just striping cut into pieces, but the letters are cut vinyl. Perhaps they hand cut the letters out of some vinyl, mabey using a template or perhaps even freehand?
  8. Font Identification Assistance

    Thanks for the replies
  9. Font Identification Assistance

  10. Font Identification Assistance

    Greetings, I'm trying to ID these fonts. They don't look familiar, and the lettering on the pan is painted on so I thought perhaps, other than the obvious Arial font used for the black letters, that mabey it was a custom lettering? The window lettering is cut vinyl and is a different font than...
  11. Ohio signmakers?

    Born and raised in Columbus, Now reside 80 miles to the south in tiny Jackson, Ohio. Go Bucks! (Even though we can't seem to beat the Gators)
  12. Hi , runkul is here

    Greetings from Ohio
  13. nubie, newbee, FNG or what have you

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  14. Extreme Makeover Design Contest

    lol Fred, My first thought was that you were looking for a photo of a Signs101 member to give a makeover to! Hmm there are alot of us with ugly mugs that could use that!
  15. Puter question for Techman.....

    This site always has alot of info, although not sure if it breaks down each class, it does benchmark many many processors. Toms Hardware
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  17. New to the site

    Greetings from Ohio, You have a nice website! Thanks
  18. first time vinyl wet application problem

    I thought Weasel **** was the best? lol ! Hey I have some Doe urine left over from this years hunting season, mabey I could sell it on Ebay as "Application Fluid". Watch out Rapid Tac, here comes "Doe **** Mist" now available in 1 oz bottles. We don't recommend this product for human...
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