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  1. Broderbunds ClickArt Collection

    I have an older version here we inherited it when we bought out another company. Not much of use to me either. Anything I've ever used from it I've also had to work over in Illustrator.
  2. Who Are You?

    Thanks Fred that's something to think about. I'm fast approaching another fork in the road and am trying to weigh my options. When I worked in engineering I always worked for someone else. Since I went back into graphics I only have myself to out fumble. I kind of like it this way, so I'm trying...
  3. Who Are You?

    My family has owned a screen printing operation since 1975. I worked there until the mid 80's typesetting and doing illustrations. It's hard to work with family so I decided to go to work for one of the cities largest pre-press companies. When the Mac killed the pre-press companies in Chicago I...
  4. Ampersands

    That's partially true. The symbol itself "&" is a combination of the two letters of the latin word "et" which translates to "and", as in ora et labor or work and prayer.
  5. What do people use to view/manage fonts

    Font Thing is the best. Letterheads also has a bunch of other useful utilities that come in handy. My Windows wouldn't let me install fonts. Turns out there was a corrupted system file. They had a utility that fixed the whole font directory.
  6. Scanning / tracing

    You can also trace your artwork onto a vellum paper. I use sharpies with varying tip sizes to add details and so it doesn't look like it was traced with marker. What ever you trace your art onto make sure that the paper doesn't let the marker bleed. Then scan and auto trace, I also prefer...
  7. Illustrator vs. Freehand

    Well here's my story. I have been doing pre-press artwork and screen printing since 1980. I started using Freehand and Illustrator in the mid 80's when they were cutting edge technology. I have a lot of time, not to mention artwork wrapped up in Illustrator. I began using Corel about 10 years...
  8. Illustrator vs. Freehand

    I learned on Freehand back in the mid 80's when it was owned by Aldus. It's an excellent tool, however, I think you would be better off buying and learning Illustrator. The tools in Illustrator are more refined and I think they are much more suited for drawing and tracing. I currently use...