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  1. Sp-540v: Banners?

    SP-540v Just a couple of questions. Banners: Can you print double sided banners? How long do you have to wait between printing the other side? Do you laminate it? Thanks for any info. -Marek
  2. Uk signwriter saying hello

    Hey Andrew, long time no see. -Marek
  3. Car Design Software -Marek
  4. Exasperating Problem!!!

    could it be something with his security key not registering and going into demo mode? probably not...there is a warning when that happens. I would check with GSP website and get the latest updates, make sure all cables are attatched properly, other than that ?????? -Marek
  5. Exasperating Problem!!!

    Do you have more than one plotter running in GSPlot? Does it show that it can cut it before you print it? Can't you close the file, re-open it then re-send it to plot and not lose your print? Fred will probably have an answer for you. -Marek
  6. Exasperating Problem!!!

    Do you have "cuts on" when you output it? Are you opening it up directly in GSPlot? If you are, make sure "Cuts on" is selected in the Open window. -Marek
  7. Old Omega can't read new Omega??

    The old omega can't read anything saved in the new version. There is an option to "save as" plt 1.56 version. -Marek
  8. I need help!

    I have CS as well. Send them over if needed. -Marek
  9. Kerning in Omega

    Thanks Fred. I'll go check that out now. -Marek
  10. Kerning in Omega

    Thanks Tony, I was trying to do it with one of the "engraving" fonts. I'll just remove the smart text and set spacing as needed I guess. It's just that sometimes the spacing is off when I engrave so I was hoping to adjust it a little bit. Is there a supplied gerber engraving font? I thought the...
  11. Kerning in Omega

    I am trying to set up a file for engraving on our Dimension 200 router. I am using Omega 2.0 to set it up. I am having trouble setting the character spacing. I am clicking on the "Character Spacing" tool and it gives me the two handles on the characters to stretch them out, but when I let go of...
  12. T-Shirt Design Contest Voting Poll

    It was a toss up between Ursta, Snider and Stevo. Had to go with Stevo on this one. Almost had to flip a coin. Good job everyone. -Marek
  13. Dongle error

    I was having this same problem. I had to do something with Rainbow Config. When I get home today I will check my email for the solution I was given. -Marek
  14. Suggestions for a wannabee

    Very well said Colin. -Marek
  15. newest member

    :Welcome: Jason
  16. New Gerber Edge FX Announced

    Thanks for the info on the Edge, Fred. Always keeping us up to date! :thumb: