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  1. DU-540 Dryer System?

    THANKS! That's what I was looking for. I'd rather get the skinny from the street than a Roland spec sheet.
  2. DU-540 Dryer System?

    Thanks for the reply. I read through this before I posted... it's not really what I need. I'm looking for input from people that own a DU-540.
  3. DU-540 Dryer System?

    Anyone running a DU-540 Dryer System? If so, what are the pros/cons... is it worth the money? Thanks!
  4. Another sad day.

  5. Hello

    Welcome from the 49th state...
  6. Just a guy from Brazil.

    Welcome from Alaska...
  7. Hello From Dublin Ireland

    Hello from Alaska... things are good here!
  8. Layout, Layout, Layout!

    Looks good to me...? :biggrin:
  9. New to signs101

    Welcome from the 49th State...
  10. Service Motor Error 0080 and 0010

    I replaced the scan motor in my old SC 540 four times in five years.
  11. newbie seeing spots...

    Glaucoma??? Welcome from Alaska...
  12. Dual Monitors

    Just get one 30" display...
  13. Hello Everyone

    You'll find the help you need here brother! Welcome...
  14. Hi from So Cal

    Hello from Alaska!
  15. Hi this is Jona from southern Ontario

    :Welcome:From Alaska!
  16. Fun Font Fling

    What are you talking about comrade? Don't you know a shadowy communist overlord when you see him!
  17. Fun Font Fling

    Capitalist Pigs!
  18. Fun Font Fling

    DIZAMN! Wade's is the place for all of your Grotesque Oddity needs!
  19. T.O.3

    Nice avatar! I loved that show... R.I.P.

    Nice avatar! I loved that show... R.I.P.
  20. Hello from Southern Indiana

    Welcome from Alaska...