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  1. Fastrack 650 cutting problem

    We have a Gerber Fastrack 650 and are using it with Flexi 7.5 on a Mac. The machine isn't cutting properly--on text, there are little gaps around the curves (like the inside of an "a" or "o", etc. Has anyone experienced such problems? We can't figure out if it's the plotter or an incompatibility...
  2. Using older Flexi version on a G4 ???

    Flexi on a G4 Did you get an answer to your question? At my office, we're in a similar boat. We're currently using a PC for our Gerber plotter Fastrack 650 and we're planning on changing to a Mac, using a G4. However, we did upgrade it to OS X. We heard about FlexiSign from someone who uses it...
  3. Change from PC to MAC?

    Pc to Mac software Thanks Bill for your input. We looked into MacImprint and FlexiSign and my boss wants FlexiSign. Are you (or anyone else) familiar with FlexiSign using a Mac? Do you think MacImprint is better? Tks, Elise :thankyou:
  4. New Member

    Welcome back! Thanks for the nice welcome, from the northeast! A big southern Hi ya'll to you. Elise :thankyou:
  5. Change from PC to MAC?

    I work in a Design office and we have a small vinyl sign system. We have a Gerber Fastrack 650 vinyl cutter/plotter and currently we use Graphix Advantage 6.2. Obviously, it's time to upgrade. We can either upgrade our PC software to Gerber Omega or change to a Mac system using Imprint or Flexi...
  6. New Member

    Hi, I'm a graphic designer for a zoo and we have a minimal vinyl sign setup. This seems like a good site for info. Looking forward to visiting with ya'll. E :rolleyes: