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  1. i should go back to newbie status!

    Wow this place has changed, some of you might remember me from downunder, still engaged to that wonderful lady who puts up with me. Still injured and not working(on this work insurance thing ;( ) This place looks awesome well done to all concerned! Anywho thought Id drop by and say hi! Steve...
  2. Illustrator mystery...

    I have illi but I havent really tried to learn it, I have Corel and well since I did learn that one, even reading the manual on occassion! But when ever I look at the desktop and see the illy icon just sitting there laughing at me I say to myself, I will learn you one day....... Until I get...
  3. Black outling?

    what software you using steri?
  4. Font ID for TRD...

    there was one similar called MR2 I think
  5. Aussie vehicle outlines this the one?
  6. Aussie vehicle outlines

    Dave I owe you a beer or six! Thanks
  7. Aussie vehicle outlines

    Thanks Ian, thats what Ive resorted too! Andy, what Im after is Ford XR8 Ute (ute is an aussie wword for utility vehicle) example > The XR8 is a "performance model with body kits etc, right where client wants...
  8. Aussie vehicle outlines

    Anyone know of any Australian Vehicle outlines? Ive tried Mr Clipart and purchased a couple there, which have been good but no later model holdens or fords like XR8's and S Commodore utes, makes it even harder when customer vehicle has body kits on it! Main problem Im having is the door trims...
  9. MUTOH ValueJet

    does the valuejet print and cut or just print?
  10. How much does your shop make?

    might also need to add something like ho many people working in your shop, one shop with two ppl might make 30K net and one with 45K and one with several 100K, just a thought to make data more accurate? Steve
  11. image thumbnail browser

    checked the supported format on acdc but they dont support ai thanks for the link thou
  12. image thumbnail browser

    thanks Doug :) Steve
  13. image thumbnail browser

    according to the spport addin plugin it diesnt support ai :( thanks rep
  14. image thumbnail browser

    thanks guys m just trying to find an easier way of finding ai files I have, with corel and psp it puts up a thumbnail and psp also has a browser type thing. Jus thought there was an easier way, no wonder I dont use AI much! thanks again Steve
  15. image thumbnail browser

    ok one of many dumb questions. Im finally using illy now but one thing I cant see is an image or thumbnail viewer like wth PSP and Corel is there such an animal? thanks guys Steve PS Happy New Year
  16. Hi! Looking to get into digital printing...

    if you know anyone in the industry i went and was the cheif floor sweeper/coffee maker on weekends at a friends shop before he sold it and moved to retire. From that I saw the fun stuff, the PITA stuff and the hassles you can go thru. I spent many a sat morning weeding vinyl. If you get the...
  17. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    we have the same system here in Oz called EFTPOS same as you r debit system (electronic funds transfer point of sale) you still have to have a merchant agreement here thou to use it I think. ( I dont have one) Paypal only for ccard for the time being,
  18. hp designjet 500

    had to tell ya but no to uv inks, you gotta get up to the 1000cp and above to run those, best of luck to ya Steve
  19. Mac vs. PC enough said, PC all the way here :) Steve