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  1. This font has me stumped

    Maybe it's an older letter that was made by Spanjer Bros. I ran across that same letter style on a school name change job a while back. We just ordered all new letters from another mfg. since Spanjer Bros. in no longer in business and that particular letter style couldn't be found.
  2. Signfoam Alternative?

    I live approximately 1 mile from an MDF manufacturing facility here in south Arkansas. They will be the first to tell you that their product is NOT intended for outdoor use. Great for indoor use requiring a glass smooth surface, but not for outdoors.
  3. signlab 6

    I use Signlab e6 and for the most part am well pleased. I recently downloaded rev 13 and there is alot of improvement over rev 7 that I was running. They still haven't resolved the spooler issue that will only let you send one job at a time to the spooler program. In the earlier versions...
  4. Holiday fun.....?

    Baaa, Humbug.........hummmmph, well,... Merry Christmas anyway