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  1. Question How long vinyl plotters last...

    we have 2 Roland cutters that vary in size. We have had one for nearly 20 years and the other for more than 10 and both are used everyday.
  2. How to change the ink type on a Mimaki JFX200-2510

    What ink set are you currently using?
  3. Question Mimaki ink Adhesion

    coroplast mainly. everything else can be out for 3 or 4 months before seeing the ink come off.
  4. Question Mimaki ink Adhesion

    We have a JFX500 LED UV Flatbed printer and seem to have some issues with ink adhesion. Our boards are corona treated. We also clean the boards with alcohol prior to printing and the machine is well maintained. BUT, when you apply the tape test the ink comes off. So we try AP2155, and AP3155...
  5. Question Business Cards

    I have been in printing for 25 years. I also make signs, banners , T-shirts, and several other things. Find you someone that specializes in plastic business cards and let them do it. They can do it faster and cheaper than you can. The time you would have spent producing them can be redirected...
  6. Small rant

    While the other shop is having to deal with all of his bickering and complaining, you can focus on other things, like making money!
  7. Lead times

    If you are that busy that is great! We live in a world where most people are looking for instant gratification. Push the send button and a message is sent and almost immediately returned no matter the location. Where you can press the enter button and the page is on the printer waiting to be...
  8. The Mueller Report

    Get rid of social media and 1/2 or more of our issues will go away!
  9. Backing reflective with ControlTac

    3M 680 all the way. Need to take it off, add a little heat and pull. Takes about 1/10 the time as something like nikalite.
  10. ADVICE ON AN Old Roland 24

    I am running a Roland CX300 with windows 7 and have no issues. We have been running windows 7 on this machine for several years.
  11. Where do you get this banner stand?

    Creative Banner or whoever they are now.
  12. Need Help Best place to buy ink for Roland VG - 16.9oz Eco Solvent Ink Cartridges

    Roland. You will void the warranty if you use anything else.
  13. Recommendation for application tape for vinyl lettering

    R-Tape 4075 RLA. Been using for years, Great stuff!
  14. How do you structure your pricing for vehicle magnets?

    Cost of goods times 3. Adjust accordingly to your area. Been doing it for 20 years and has worked just fine.
  15. diecut poster paper?

    I would factor in the cost of a new blade into the job. It will ruin the blade.
  16. Lunch Time

    5 second rule!
  17. Suggestions Part Time Pay ?

    If you have access to a college or university, offer a paid intern position.They will get experience and you will get a designer that you may have to help out from time to time, but you also don't have to pay the rate of someone that is experienced.
  18. Suggestions Printer suggestion

    We use Roland mild solvent printers (have for 10 years) and have GREAT results. I will tell you that what I have been told is that most companies have an unfathomable amount of time put into their product samples so that they will look the absolute best. Hours upon hours of tweaking and...
  19. Suggestions Proof Layouts

    We put the word "proof" in big bold letters across the design but reduce the opacity to about 10-15% so the design can still be seen. In addition we also put a proof statement about checking for grammar and numerical information. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "it looked fine to...